How it works?

Users can predict score or winner of match for any sport, with the chance to win the jackpot when all predictions are accurate. You can opt to go with free-to-play or pay-to-play options

  • Pick the winner

    To determine the winning teams you can make your selection by clicking on the respective team names

  • Predict final scores

    For each of the matches, you need to predict the final score like 2-1 for Football or winner for Cricket

  • Score with every point

    Points are awarded based on the accuracy of your predictions. Score full on exact prediction

  • Jackpot for perfection

    A jackpot is granted to users who accurately predict the scores of all tournament matches

  • Almost perfect jackpots

    Smaller jackpots are awarded for scenarios such as having only one or two incorrect predictions

  • The Tie-Breaker

    The answer to the tie-breaker question determines the winner in the event of a tie with the same score

  • Multi-sports accessibility

    Pick'em is adaptable to various sports of choice with an option to promote specific leagues

  • Predict as points spread

    Predicting the margin of victory in a game makes pick'em even more challenging and fun

Database for targeted promotions

Create a comprehensive database using our pick'em module and leverage it for targeted promotions. Collect user data through the module and segment audiences for personalized marketing campaigns, optimizing engagement and conversion rates

Administering through automation

The administrator holds the authority to determine the tournament creation and which matches will be available for the user prediction. Additionally, the option to add more matches to the same tournament from the selected league is available. The entire process is automated, necessitating minimal to no manual intervention from the administrator for publishing and results

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