White label fantasy sports software

We think you’ve just found out the best (by a distance) white-label Fantasy sports software.

We supply everything you need to build your fantasy sports business.

Data feeds integrated
The best in class design that your customer love
Engagement built into the product
Receive regular upgrades
Sample white label software designs
Mobile Responsive – White Label Daily Fantasy Sports Software Design and Development by Vinfotech
Feature Rich – White Label Daily Fantasy Sports Software Design and Development by Vinfotech
Scalable and Robust – White Label Daily Fantasy Sports Software Design and Development by Vinfotech
Data Feed Integrated – White Label Daily Fantasy Sports Software Design and Development by Vinfotech
Frequently Asked Questions

That’s a very valid question. From the perspective of user interface, look and feel and the software you are right, there will be no difference and your application may end up being like others. However, we’ve seen that software is only 50% of the reason of success of a business. The other 50% is how you promote it, how you get users, what kind of innovative ideas you launch, how much persistence you have in making it successful. This is a unique flavor that everyone brings on their own and here you can give it your own flavor.

We work with entrepreneurs all over the world and are always surprised the creativity they show in making their product popular. That is the reason why we provide to use the software at a very small fraction of what it’d cost to create their own.

Vinfotech’s white label solution is a premium solution built for user engagement. Some of the reasons why you should choose this from Vinfotech -

  • All the insights based on working on more than 50+ fantasy sports projects have been added to the white label product
  • Best in class designs that your customers will love. This looks like a very premium product
  • Receive regular product upgrades at a very low fee. We have a team of 100+ professionals working on fantasy software offering, probably the largest congregation of fantasy sports developers anywhere
  • Native iOS and Android Apps. These are pure native apps which offers the best user experience, we don’t trust Hybrid apps too much

    Yes, we provide feature rich native iOS and Android apps.

    Yes, the white label fantasy sports website can be created in multiple languages.

    Absolutely, we provide the capability so that only people from authorized states can join.

    Totally yes. Our white label software allows you to have paid leagues or free leagues. A lot of people are going in for free-to-play leagues so as to avoid any kind of compliance restrictions.

    We are proud to say that we’ve a very powerful admin panel to control all aspects of your fantasy sports website or app. From the number of contests, you want to keep, to contest fee (or free to play), the prize money, the rack rate; everything is customizable by you and managed easily. There are 100s of features that our back office has and we will be happy to give you a detailed demo.

    Yes, you can still use our software. The white label software is designed in a way that it supports traditional sports like Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey etc. and at the same time we’ve customized it to be able to use it for stocks, politics and reality tv. We’ve got this covered.

    Our white label software comes with capabilities that would normally cost you 100’s of thousands of dollars in case you decided to build it on your own. We are leasing it to you to be used at a very small fee starting from $3,000. So unfortunately, at this price point we guard our source code completely and don’t share it.

    It’s a win-win for both as you don’t have to spend all the time and money to launch your fantasy sports business. At the same time, if you are ready to buy the source code we can make a provision for it at an additional fee.

    Absolutely. Our white label product is a completely home-grown product and we control on each and every aspect of the software. If you want to make any changes to the software we will be happy to do it at an additional fee. There is quite a high possibility that we may do a lot of these changes for you without any additional fee as well.

    NOT AT ALL. Unfortunately, that’s how most of the white label providers treat this. In our case it is totally opposite, which means that when you purchase the white label product from us and if you want any customization we will do it at very low rates. We want to make it very easy to launch your fantasy sports business and would go out of the way to make that happen.

    That’s a tough question and the truth is we don’t like doing that as well. We charge you a flat fee per month to take care of your data, your hosting and your maintenance. Our system is designed so that it can help you with tens and thousands of concurrent users and if your system grows to that level then the expense related to infrastructure will be very high. We don’t charge you for your success and still will partner you for the same flat monthly fee. For us to be able to maintain that we charge a very small 2% revenue share that helps us put the money back into your infrastructure and maintenance.

    In case you don’t want any revenue share we can discuss the revised pricing plan based on number of registered users on your platform where you don’t need to do any revenue share.

    White label works in all scenarios except for the following -

    • There are very strong reasons that you need the source code to be with you
    • You are very clear on how you want your fantasy sports application to look like and it is very different from our standard white label offering. You want the design to be a differentiator
    • Your idea is unique and you don’t mind spending money on it; and you want to own the intellectual property you are developing

    We’ve heard this before. Our entire team is focusing on growing the framework and we believe we are already by far the best (by a distance) white-label fantasy sports software. We are serving customers from Brazil to China; from the United States to Australia; from South Africa to Greece. Our customer base is expanding world-wide and the revenues we receive allows us to keep the costs low and at the same time pump 100’s of thousands of dollars into growing the software.

    To get started please feel in this form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you.

    vFantasy - Framework version history
    Contest template feature

    [V-1.8.6]16th Jan, 18

    Now admin can create contests template so whenever a new collection is added it has some pre-defined contests already in it. So, Admin works mainly on Business and creating contests is automated.

    Introduced FAVORITE concept

    [V-1.8.5]12th Jan, 18

    User can mark any player favorite for his/her future contests.

    Improved Player Cards

    [V-1.8.4]9th Jan, 18

    UI of player cards has now improved with versatile ad-ons.

    Lobby performance improvement

    [V-1.8.3]5th Jan, 18

    Lobby performance has been improved to twice of what it was.

    Upgraded UX of Referral system

    [V-1.8.2]2nd Jan, 18

    The designs of our referral system have improved and are now more user friendly with a few simple steps.

    Improved UI of Private Contest

    [V-1.8.1]26th Dec, 17

    We have improved some elements of our UI and made it more engaging for user and introduced certain features to make the game play easy going.

    Facilitated Push Notification

    [V-1.7.2]20th Dec, 17

    User will get push notifications now in their mobiles with the updates of application.

    New field view

    [V-1.7.2]13th Dec, 17

    New field for lineup is now more fascinating and attractive.

    Live Chat Support

    [V-1.7.1]8th Dec, 17

    Now user can get answers to their queries right away with our live chat support.

    Introduced Referral System

    [V-1.7.0]6th Dec, 17

    Now user can invite their friends to play with them and earn exciting prizes.

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