At Vinfotech, we are developers of custom pool betting software. We specialize in creating immersive and engaging games like Daily Fantasy, Predictors, Quizzes and any other custom game you have in your mind. Our games are designed to help iGaming companies lower user acquisition costs, increase user engagement and generate new revenue streams

Discover Our Wide Range of Games

Vinfotech’s iFrame lets you add a Daily Fantasy game, Props or a Predictor game to your casino or sportsbook website with ease

Daily Fantasy

Exciting daily competitions with real-time updates

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Season-Long Fantasy

Keep users engaged throughout the season

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Users predict outcomes for points and prizes

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Fun and challenging quizzes to test user knowledge

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Interactive prop bets that add excitement to the game

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Create Exciting Challenges & Tournaments

Whether it's a week-long event, a few days of intense competition, or a challenge that spans the duration of a major sporting event, our solutions can help you drive traffic, boost engagement, and achieve virality

  • Ultimate Fan Showdown

    Organize tournaments where users compete to prove they are the ultimate fans, earning points through various activities and walking away with grand prizes

  • Fantasy Genius

    Challenge your users to create the best fantasy lineups and compete for the title of Fantasy Genius

  • Fan of the Tournament

    Encourage users to engage in activities throughout a tournament, rewarding the most active and successful participants

Enhance Engagement with XP Points and Rewards

Our XP points, loyalty, and reward system keeps users motivated and engaged

  • XP Points

    Users earn points for participation and achievements

  • Loyalty Rewards

    Offer in-game items and bonuses to keep users engaged

  • Fan of the Tournament

    Encourage users to engage in activities throughout a tournament, rewarding the most active and successful participants

Flexible Integration Options

Our games can be seamlessly integrated into your existing platform or launched as standalone products

  • Integrated Solutions

    Embed our games directly into your platform

  • Standalone Products

    Launch as separate apps to reach a broader audience and utilize app store marketing

Lower Your User Acquisition Costs

Acquiring new users can be expensive, but with our interactive and engaging games, you can attract new players more cost-effectively. Here's how we help you achieve that:

  • Engaging formats

    Capture attention with daily fantasy, season-long contests, trivia, prediction games, and more

  • Organic reach

    Standalone apps drive downloads and brand awareness through app stores and diverse marketing channels

  • Viral potential

    Branded challenges and tournaments ignite user sharing and attract new players

Boost User Engagement

Our games are designed to keep users coming back. Increased engagement means more time spent on your platform, leading to higher revenue and customer loyalty

  • Interactive experiences

    Keep users coming back for daily challenges, contests, and loyalty programs

  • Enhanced gameplay

    Gamification features like XP points and rewards keep players motivated and engaged

  • Deeper connections

    Foster a community around your brand through interactive challenges and leaderboards

Gain Valuable User Insights

Understanding your users is key to optimizing your platform. Our games provide you with rich data insights, including

  • Behavioral Analytics

    Track how users interact with your games and platform

  • Demographic Data

    Gain insights into the age, location, and preferences of your users

  • Engagement Metrics

    Monitor user engagement levels and identify trends

Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Brand

While we offer white-label solutions, we can customize every aspect of our games to meet your specific needs

Brand Integration

Fully integrate your brand into the game experience

Feature Customization

Add or modify features to suit your audience

Unique Design

Custom design elements to reflect your brand's identity

Lets discuss how we can develop Daily Fantasy, Predictor or any other Pool Betting game to take your user acquisition and engagement to the next level

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