Turn every sports
tournament into an epic
workplace event

In the world where team spirit can catapult
performance and engagement to new heights, we
bring you an electrifying offering – curated sports
games designed to energize your work environment!
Engage, enthuse, and unite your employees through
the collective love of sports, building camaraderie
that permeates through every department

Why choose sports games for engagement?

Elevate employee interaction

Sports unite

Experience the magnetic pull of unity through a common interest – sports

Boost morale

Rewards and recognition

Celebrate every win and accolade with visible leaderboards and enticing rewards

In-house rivalry

Sports unite

Ignite a fun, competitive streak among teams or departments

Our games

Fantasy Sports, Sports Predictors, and more
for your dynamic workforce

Customizable solutions

Tailor-made sports games
suited to your organizational
culture and goals

Scalable across locations

Perfect for businesses with a single or multiple locations, ensuring no one misses out on the fun

End-to-end management

From setting up to
managing leaderboards,
we handle it all


Your team, your glory

Craft Your Dream Team & Ride the Waves of Every Tournament!

  • Build your squad

    Choose your stalwarts for each match, curating a team that carries your hopes and strategies

  • Live the matches

    As your chosen players shine on the field, so does your team on the leaderboard

  • Climb the ranks

    Witness the dynamic leaderboard evolve after every match, keeping the excitement palpable till the last moment

  • Champion’s crown

    As the tournament concludes, the final leaderboard heralds the champions with enticing prizes and glory


The future is in your hands

Predict, score, and ascend to the zenith of predictor glory

  • Point & score

    Simply pick the winners or predict
    scores and watch your foresight turn
    into exciting points

  • Every match, a new opportunity

    Each game in the tournament is
    your chance to rise above in the
    predictor rankings

  • Football frenzy

    In football matches, amp up the thrill
    by predicting not just the winner,
    but also the score

  • Scoring triumph

    Secure points with every
    accurate prediction and celebrate
    each right call

Customizable and
expandable gaming

Your preferences, our blueprint

Mold it your way

From game rules to scoring formats, our
games are pliable to your organization’s
unique wants

New games, new excitements

Our platform is ever-expanding, ready to
encompass new games and formats for
unceasing fun and engagement

Benefits to your organisation

Global or local, we've got you covered

Multi-location engagement

Seamlessly connect teams from various locations
through a centralized platform

A new wave of office culture

Healthy distractions

Sometimes, a little distraction is all you need to
reboot and skyrocket productivity

Enhanced inter-departmental relations

Breaking barriers

Foster improved relationships and communication
across departments through collective gameplay

Involving you in every step
of the gaming journey

Your feedback shapes our gaming universe. As you
explore the excitement, we’re all ears for your suggestions,
ready to implement and enrich the experience for your
team. Enjoy dedicated support, regular updates, and
continuous innovation, ensuring a refreshing gaming
experience through every tournament

How It works

Simple setup. Exciting games. Unforgettable experiences

Choose your game

Select from a variety of
sports games and


Personalize according
to your company’s
needs and ethos

Launch & play

Kickstart the games and
watch your office turn into
a vibrant sports arena

Voices from our satisfied clients

The transformation in our office
environment was tangible! The excitement,
the conversations, and the friendly rivalry
brought about an uplifting change.

Aaron Almaraz

Entropia Telecom

This was a fantastic break from the
routine for our team! The joy and the
unity it brought to our workplace were
beyond words.

Pétur Lorelei

Hasbro Inc

Ready to electrify your workplace
with unmatched engagement?

Dive into a world where work meets play, and witness your
team blossom through the magic of sports

Integrating sports games in the workplace aims to bolster employee engagement, foster team spirit, introduce a healthy competitive environment, and provide a refreshing break from routine tasks, ultimately enhancing overall morale and productivity.
We provide a seamless, end-to-end managed service. From initial setup, customization to align with your organizational culture, to managing real-time leaderboards and ensuring smooth operation throughout the gaming period - we handle it all!
Absolutely! Our games are designed to be highly customizable to cater to your organization’s unique requirements and values. From the rules of the games to the scoring format, we ensure that the offerings are tailored to provide maximum engagement for your employees.
In the Fantasy game, employees create their dream team from players participating in actual matches, and score points based on their real-life performances. Whereas, the Predictor game involves forecasting match winners or scores, accumulating points for accurate predictions. Both games feature dynamic leaderboards and the opportunity to win exciting rewards.
Yes! Our sports games are crafted to provide a unified gaming experience, regardless of geographical barriers. Teams from various locations can participate, compete, and engage through a centralized platform, ensuring cohesive and inclusive engagement across the entire organization.
Our platform is scalable and can accommodate as many participants as your organization can engage. Whether you’re a small team or a large enterprise, our games are built to handle your requirements smoothly.
We provide live, automated leaderboards that are updated in real-time, ensuring that participants can track their standings, points, and rankings anytime throughout the tournament, fostering an atmosphere of excitement and competition.
We provide continual support through the entirety of the game, ensuring smooth functioning. From technical assistance, query resolution to ensuring the steady update of leaderboards and scores - our team is here to ensure your experience is hassle-free and enjoyable.
Definitely! We embrace innovation and would be thrilled to incorporate new games or formats you’d like to introduce. Our platform is designed to be expandable and adaptable to fresh ideas and concepts.
We prioritize integrity and have robust mechanisms in place to ensure fair play. Scoring and rankings are managed through automated systems, eliminating biases, and every rule and scoring decision is transparently communicated to all participants.
Yes, absolutely! We encourage users to create their own private contests to compete amidst their circle. It adds an extra layer of fun and competition among known peers, enhancing engagement and camaraderie.
While employees will engage in discussions and share their excitement, these interactions are healthy breaks and act as ice-breakers, fostering communication and team spirit. The games are designed to be non-intrusive and can actually boost morale, creating a more productive environment after refreshing micro-breaks.
Yes, indeed! The leaderboards are designed to be displayed on various platforms, including office TVs. This ensures real-time updates and position changes based on points can be visually accessed by everyone, keeping the excitement alive and encouraging a healthy competitive spirit among participants.
Of course! You can run these contests as per your preferences – be it for a single game, a collection of games, weekly games, or spanning an entire tournament. We provide complete flexibility in terms of duration and game selection to align with your organizational events and calendars.
Yes, there are! We offer sponsored spaces where you can place banners or redirect participants to relevant pages. It’s a fantastic opportunity to educate users about new initiatives, offers, or any other organizational information in an engaging manner.

There are several innovative and engaging ways to promote the games within your office to ensure maximal participation:

  • Utilize QR Codes: Place QR codes at strategic locations within the office premises, like the cafeteria, meeting rooms, and common areas, which, when scanned, redirect to the game platform.
  • Create a Dedicated Slack Channel: Establish a dedicated Slack channel or utilize other internal communication platforms to share updates, discuss matches, and create a buzz around the games.
  • Showcase Rewards: Display the rewards, recognitions, and potential winnings prominently through various channels to entice participation
  • Leverage Office TV and Notice Boards: Utilize office TVs and notice boards to display leaderboards, upcoming matches, and other relevant information to keep the excitement alive and encourage more employees to participate.

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