Vinfotech makes social networks that help enterprises engage millennials

Millennials are now every brand's most important customers and every firm's most relied-upon workers. Companies who know how to engage them are the ones who have embraced the future.

We understand buzz

We are rapidly becoming world’s most eclectic team of community specialists, psychologists, business strategists, usability geeks, data scientists, designers and developers. You wouldn’t find a company as complete as ours for all your community needs: Consultancy, design, engineering and full community management support.

We understand what it takes to connect customers, employees, sports fans or any interest group in fun and cool online communities, to gather exceptional insights and save huge marketing dollars.

Started as a custom social network building company, we are identifying better and sharper use-cases of bringing people together on custom social networks and communities to make amazing things happen like innovation, new product development & testing, boosting sales, improving product support and brand differentiation.

Social Networking Application Development

Design thinking

Human-centered approach to solve complex problems innovatively, with a focus on end-user.

  • / End-User Empathy
  • / Rapid Prototyping
  • / Tighter Feedback Loops
  • / Fail Early, Fail Cheap

Rapid development

With Design thinking led social network development, smarter frameworks & most advanced project management tools in place, we understand the art and science of delivering faster.

Beautiful interfaces

Beauty denotes both superior form and function to us. We go crazy about finding that perfect balance of great user-experience, user-interface and contextual UX choreography, to make your users fall in love with your social network!

Vinfotech Social Network Development
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Regular Social Network Development

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We are a creatively capable workforce with a curious mindset

and the courage to question conventions. It’s a competitive imperative that keeps us ahead of the competition.


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