Powering sports leagues and teams globally

We deliver exciting games for leagues and teams to connect with their fans, understand their preferences and drive revenues

Introduce game centre on your app

Vinfotech’s plug & play Game Centre iFrame lets you add a gamification layer to your website with ease. Instantly boost fan engagement

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Monetize your non-monetized assets

Introduce Social Feeds. Take charge of your content & user data. Don't let third-party social networks profit from your data. Get the fans on your own platform and unlock new revenue streams

The power of branded games

Grow your sports league or team and maximize sponsor revenues by integrating branded games into your digital strategy

Case Study

Indian super league took the game to next level

The Indian Super League (ISL) took football to new heights. Recognizing the potential to enhance the fantasy game for fans, ISL partnered with Vinfotech, creating an engaging season-long fantasy football experience

Level up and unlock rewards with XP points

You can introduce activity-based XP points, empowering sports fans to earn more points, progress to higher levels, and unlock exciting rewards, transforming every fan interaction into a fun moment

Daily engagement

Elevate the game experience through interactive daily check-in rewards, engaging quizzes, and spin-the-wheel challenges, ensuring an irresistible daily destination for fans and driving regular fan engagement

Discover your Superfan

Discover and reward your most passionate Superfans. Get these insights through contests, tournaments and fan behavior analytics

Your exclusive fan rewards shop

Strengthen fan relationship and improve brand affinity with your own reward store where devoted fans can transform hard-earned tokens into incredible rewards

Improve your brand recognition

An exciting gameplay under your brand’s umbrella will power a vibrant community with a high engagement level. This will instantly give you an edge over your competitors

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From data to dominance: Mastering the game

Unlock the path to true fandom by understanding fan preferences and integrating feedback

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How Vinfotech can help you with fantasy sports app development?

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