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What's a Game Centre?

In today’s digital world, fans crave interactive experiences and deeper
connections with their favorite teams and players. A Game Centre offers a more
engaging sports experience, with a vibrant collection of games, quizzes, and
social features centered around your leagues and teams. It's a place where fans
can dive into sports themed games, test their knowledge, and connect with
fellow enthusiasts – all under one digital roof.

Welcome to Vinfotech Game Centre, where the game isn't just watched; it's
experienced, celebrated, and shared among fans worldwide!

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Diverse gaming experience: A game for every fan

These games cover everything from pre-match excitement to live game engagement,
ensuring fans stay connected throughout the entire sports experience

Interactive quizzes: Test your fan IQ

Regular quizzes scheduled around your teams and leagues
will elevate fan interaction to a whole new level

Case Study

FantasyAkhada makes it big in the world of Daily Fantasy

From idea to one of the most prominent names in Indian fantasy sports, Akhada came a long way in just 2 yrs. Discover how Vinfotech’s White Label software was at the heart of this journey

A flawless DFS platform to provide an out-of-the-box fan experience to its uses by Vinfotech
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Centralized newsfeeds: Real-time
updates at your fingertips

Imagine a centralized hub where fans can access all the latest updates, polls, and
surveys in a familiar and user-friendly interface reminiscent of a Facebook-style
newsfeed. This feature ensures that fans don't miss any crucial information, fostering
a sense of community and providing an avenue for immediate feedback

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Advanced statistics: Beyond numbers, into insights

Beautiful and advanced statistics offer fans a deeper understanding of the game. The
platform provides insightful and compelling data about their favorite teams and players,
allowing them to delve into the strategic nuances of each match

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Virtual currency (fan tokens):
Building a digital economy

The introduction of a virtual currency or fan tokens adds an exciting
layer to fan engagement. Fans earn virtual currency through contest
participation, daily check-ins, referrals, and surveys, fostering a
sense of community and rewarding engagement

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Leaderboards & rewards:
fostering healthy competition

Competitive leaderboards and enticing rewards keep fans
invested and motivated to actively participate.

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XP levels: Transforming
engagement into a journey

Fans progress through XP levels by earning points for
various activities, unlocking new rewards and creating an
exciting journey reminiscent of a video game

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Sponsor integration: A win-win
for teams and sponsors

Opportunities for sponsors to align with specific games or sections
within the Game Centre, offering a lucrative revenue stream for
your organization. This strategic alignment between sponsors and
engaging content creates a mutually beneficial

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Reward store: Fan tokens utilized

The Reward Store allows fans to redeem their hard-earned fan tokens for exclusive
merchandise and other exciting gifts. This creates a tangible connection between virtual
engagement and real-world rewards, fostering a deeper sense of loyalty

Success stories

UEFA, Formula 1, and beyond

Major sports entities, including UEFA and Formula 1, have experienced a significant
surge in fan engagement on their digital properties by incorporating Game Centres.
These success stories underscore the transformative potential of Vinfotech's Game
Centre in redefining the digital landscape for sports organizations

In summary here's how game
centre can transform your digital presence

Why choose Vinfotech?

  • Proven track record

    We have a successful history of developing engaging sports experiences for millions of fans

  • Expert team

    Our team of passionate developers and game designers are dedicated to delivering outstanding results

  • Continuous innovation

    We constantly update and improve our offerings to stay ahead of the curve and keep your fans coming back for more

Ready to take your fan engagement to the next level? Contact Vinfotech today to schedule a demo and unlock the potential of Game Centre. Together, let's create a thriving fan community and build a successful future for your league or team

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