How it works?

Users just predict whether players will exceed or fall short of the prop values. Accepts both coins and actual currency for wagering

Choose sports and prop

Choose the specific props within your preferred sports category to see the available players

Select players for entry

Pick your favored players for the upcoming matches from each prop to confirm your entry

The detailed player card

Review player's match history and performance details and make an informed decision

Predict more or less

Predict if the player will score more or less than the given prop value and wager to secure a potential win

Powered by
our data analytics team

These player props are the lifeblood of the game. Our Props Fantasy Game is powered by an ingenious data analytics team that supplies meticulously curated player props. Props are seemingly easy for users to dive into, yet the likelihood of consistent wins remains slim

Unleashing the
power of full automation

Vinfotech is poised to provide you with precise player props, sourced exclusively from our adept data analytics squad. The processes of scoring, participation, and payout have been seamlessly automated, liberating operators to channel their energies for expansion initiatives

Administering through automation

The administrator holds the authority to determine the roster of players and different strategic maneuvers for the entries based on the chosen sports. Additionally, the option to activate or deactivate listing players for specific leagues or teams remains available in real-time. The entire process is automated, necessitating minimal to no manual intervention from the administrator

Notable Aspects

Engagement redefined

This tailor-made game captivates both seasoned bettors and novices alike. The dynamic, strategic and simple nature of the game ensures an immersive experience for engaging users throughout the event

Unlocking winning potential

Central to our game is the promise of substantial winning for participants. With every accurate prediction, users stand to multiply their bets and the chosen entry fee becomes an alluring possibility

Strategic operator benefit

What sets this game apart is the equilibrium that benefits both participants and operators. The built-in dynamic ensures consistent revenue for operators while fostering a participatory environment for the users

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