What’s opinion trading?

Opinion trading is a game that revolves around expert opinions, presenting participants with poll-based questions related to a variety of real-world events such as cricket, cryptocurrency, and other trending topics

  • Choose a match

    Select any match / sports to filter
    out the related questions for
    placing your opinion

  • Is it a yes or a no?

    Predict the most probable
    outcome for the selected question
    and place your order

  • Change your opinion

    You can choose to opt out or invest
    more quantities on an already placed
    order in real time

  • Check quantities status

    See if the ordered quantities are
    matched or not. Cancel the unmatched
    quantities for instant refunds

How matching algorithm works

In our order matching process, we apply the price-time priority
algorithm. Furthermore, we utilize advanced statistical models and
machine learning algorithms to ensure that Yes and No quantities add up
to 100%. These algorithms meticulously analyze the data, continuously
updating quantity prices based on placed orders and identifying patterns
and trends that signal the likelihood of a specific outcome

Elevate engagement and
revenue with opinion trading

If you're considering adding a game similar to Probo to your gaming platform, our Opinion Trading Game offers unparalleled versatility and engagement. As an operator, harness the power to run diverse predictions effortlessly. Our auto-matching algorithm dynamically adjusts prices, maximizing user participation. Challenge users to express opinions on a myriad of topics, providing a seamless betting experience. Elevate your gaming portfolio with this engaging and user-friendly addition

Notable aspects

Engagement redefined

This tailor-made game captivates both seasoned bettors and novices alike. The dynamic, strategic and simple nature of the game ensures an immersive experience for engaging users throughout the event

Unlocking winning potential

Central to our game is the promise of substantial winning for participants. With every accurate prediction, users stand to multiply their bets and the chosen quantity becomes an alluring possibility

Strategic operator benefit

What sets this game apart is the equilibrium that benefits both participants and operators. The built-in dynamic ensures consistent revenue for operators while fostering a participatory environment for the users

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