Introduction to Gamification

Gamification is the secret weapon for brands looking to create unforgettable experiences, drive user acquisition, and boost engagement. With Vinfotech, you can achieve the unimaginable at a fraction of traditional marketing costs


Create powerful brand activations that leave a lasting impression on your audience. Through interactive games and challenges, you can captivate your customers and make your brand stand out

  • Fantasy Sports for Retail Brands

    Drive footfall and sales by launching fantasy sports campaigns during major sporting events

  • Predictor Games for Beverage Companies

    Engage customers with predictor games, offering prizes that enhance brand loyalty

User Acquisition

Expand your reach and attract new users effortlessly. Our gamification solutions appeal to a wide audience, drawing in users through fun and rewarding experiences

  • Trivia Games for Entertainment Networks

    Attract new viewers with daily trivia games related to your shows.

  • Predictor Games for Consumer Brands

    Acquire new customers by offering exciting prediction challenges with valuable prizes

User Engagement

Keep your audience engaged with continuous interaction through our gamification solutions. Reward their participation and foster loyalty with engaging games and challenges

  • Daily Quizzes for Media Companies

    Enhance viewer engagement with daily quizzes about current events and shows

  • Fantasy Leagues for Sports Brands

    Create ongoing engagement with fantasy leagues that keep users returning to your platform

Own a Platform with Fun Challenges and Contests

With Vinfotech, you can have your own platform offering a variety of games and challenges, tailored to your brand’s needs. Engage your audience with fantasy sports, predictors, trivia, and more

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Examples of Our Games

Fantasy Sports

Create your squad & manage your team

Predictor Games

Predict outcomes

Trivia & Quizzes

Earn points for quick & accurate answers

Successful Campaigns

Retail Brand Fantasy Sports Campaign

Increased footfall by 30% during a major sporting event

Beverage Company Predictor Game

Expanded brand reach by 40% with a viral predictor campaign

Entertainment Network Trivia

Enhanced viewer engagement and loyalty through daily trivia games

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