Engage, Connect, Dominate

Amplify Your Brand Recall with Sports-centric Gaming. We deliver innovative games around sports tournaments that enable brands to

Acquire and connect with target audience

Drive engagement and loyalty

Collect valuable data on user preferences

Develop a huge brand recall

Build a very strong brand awareness

At a fraction of your advertising budget

Sports fan engagement

Fuel your brand’s success by connecting with passionate sports fans

Case Study

A reality TV fantasy game was introduced to boost the TRP of a TV show

MTV chose Vinfotech to develop fantasy application for their reality TV show "The Challenge". The result was very high level of engagement among passionate fans and exposure to newer audience

Own a platform that offers fun challenges and contests

Welcome to the ultimate hub of excitement, where your platform becomes the go-to destination for thrilling challenges, engaging contests, and endless entertainment

Come across as a brand that loves sports

Fans will love you back

The age of experience is upon us

Put amazing games at the heart of your entire operation to become the brand that everyone talks about

Sports fans love to support companies that care about their favourite hobby or sports. With Vinfotech’s gaming solution, that’s exactly what you can give them

How it works

Methods of growing brand awareness

Social media and content marketing

Need a very creative team to execute


Too expensive & non engaging

Marketing through games

Engaging & viral

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