Elevate your
sports betting tech

Developing for sports betting industry requires a lot of skills. Vinfotech has been working closely with top tier B2B and B2C companies for over 10 years now. Vinfotech’s dedicated software team develops tailor-made sports betting software to fuel growth of betting companies

What do we do?

Develop customized and scalable sports betting software

Integrate Fantasy Sports into your existing betting product

UX improvement to your existing product; New Product Design

Provide free-to-play games for effective user acquisition

Case Study

Sports betting tips and community platform that drew huge attention & investments

Vinfotech put its fantasy, betting and social network development expertise to good use in creating this crowdsourced sports gambling advice platform that is loved by experts and users

Custom Sports Betting Platform Development Highlights

  • 10 years of experience developing sports betting software
  • We develop brilliant User Interface. One of Vinfotech’s partner company xMoonshot is a specialist User Experience Design firm
  • A Strong team of 100+ full time seasoned iGaming professionals
  • The core of pool betting software i.e. payments, referrals, affilliates, are all already built and are ready to go as it is or can be customised the way you want
  • A very comprehensive back office product that not just lets you manage the day-to-day operation but also provides you with exceptional insights
  • The product can be created on a stand-alone basis or integrated with any product or 3rd party APIs

Powerful sports betting solutions to keep your punters hooked

Our tailor-made approach to software development ensures that our customers leave satisfied with an application that meets their unique challenges and requirements. Loaded with all the features that you will need to succeed, our White-label betting sports solution is second to none.

Custom Sports Betting Exchange Development

Our tailor-made approach to software development ensures that our customers leave satisfied with an application that meets their unique challenges and requirements. Loaded with all the features that you will need to succeed, our White-label betting sports solution is second to none.

Custom Sportsbook Software Development

We can help you build your own sportsbook where you do not share revenue with anyone and own the complete source code. Get a fully functional sportsbook with Parlay Bets, custom designed betslips etc

Parimutuel Betting Software Development

Vinfotech designs and develops pool betting games (parimutuel betting) based on custom requirements. Using our powerful game engine and modern software tools we create pool betting games across different genres such as sports, stocks, weather or practically anything you can bet on

Take a look at some of the iGaming components we've built over the years

Work with a software service provider who's already worked on many of the igaming software development projects. We've a huge repository of frameworks and templates across sports betting, casinos, fantasy sports that can expedite your time to market

Experience Hub - deliver an unmatched gaming experience

Whether it is building some customized UI Components or user engagement pieces our iGaming development team can help you build these

  • Gamification levels

    Daily Login streak, reward milestones will keep your players coming back regularly

  • Bonus & rewards

    Let us build exciting exciting reward mechanism to boost your player acquisition & retention

  • Virtual Currency

    Build a virtual currency that can be distributed to your users. Use it as an additional engagement layer

Game Hub - bring in the personalization

If you are looking to add game developers to your team we can help you build real money or engagement games. Take a look at some of the games we've built

  • Free to play games

    Stop relying on other affiliates and create your own channel for user acquisition

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  • Custom betting app development

    Powerful and feature rich sports betting software for millennial engagement

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  • Custom stock market development

    Gaming around stock markets, crypto or any other investment product

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Finance Hub - for a comprehensive financial system

Whether you want to add a new currency, add a new report or just spice up the offers section our iGaming experts can help you

  • Comprehensive reports

    Automated KYC Validations
    performed with the help of 3rd party integrations

  • Fraud and KYC solutions

    Automated KYC Validations
    performed with the help of 3rd party integrations

  • Multi currency solutions

    Take your business global with multi currency. Our developers can help you integrate any currency and even Crypto

Marketing Hub - know your game and your gamers

We've worked deeply on analytics and can help you program actionable insights for your iGaming platform

  • User Segmentation

    You can create user segments and motivate them accordingly to drive desired user action

  • User Persona

    An invaluable tool to help you understand the needs and behaviors of your audience segments

  • User Communication

    Communications can be sent to the users via emails, SMS’s, in-app, and push notifications

  • Data and reporting

    Our marketing software solution records each action in real-time and provides detailed customizable reports

Office Hub - control
the backstage

Office Hub adds value to your gaming business by empowering the quick processing of complex administration tasks

  • Intuitive dashboards

    Our dashboards specialist team will help you generate insights, understand trends & track KPIs of your business

  • Advanced reporting

    Create custom reports for various business units be it user activity, game, referrals

  • User role hierarchy

    Provide different level of access to your internal team to your gaming business data

The next generation of
Affiliate Management System

  • Easy promotions

    A simplified affiliate management solution that allows affiliates to easily promote the platform

  • Simplified statistics calculation

    A System for calculating the profitability of advertising campaigns that is transparent

  • Feature rich tracking

    Our solutions efficiently manage data like the number of signups, deposit amount and more

Looking for a team to improve your existing iGaming application?

We will develop powerful backend admin panel for you

  • 01 Any custom feature you want
  • 02 Responsible gaming management
  • 03 Insightful dashboard summaries
  • 04 Real time monitoring
  • 05 Rewards Management
  • 06 Financial ERPs (tax reports andi invoicing)
  • 07 Game and merchandise management
  • 08 Manage all at one place from marketing, finance, operations to reporting

A one stop destination for an unmatched gaming experience

We collaborate with the best data feed providers and payment gateways.

As a team of domain experts, we have created more than 200 highly polished fantasy sports websites and mobile applications. We have seen this industry grow and delivered different kinds of sports leagues with all possible game play variations.

Payment gateways

We offer payment solutions for worldwide markets, including Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers, e-wallets, vouchers, and mobile payments.

Data feed providers

iGaming Platform at your service

Benefit from our in-house developed iGaming platform, serving as a robust foundation for any new development. Our platform offers powerful features that ensure a competitive edge in the market

Complete source code ownership

At Vinfotech, when we develop a software product for you, rest assured, you own the complete source code. This means you have full control of your solution, and there are no revenue-sharing commitments

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