Free-to-play Fantasy Games

Fantasy sports is driving powerful fan engagement, and nobody does fantasy sports better than Vinfotech. Following Free-to-play variations are available

  • Daily or Weekly Fantasy
  • Season Long or Tournament Long Fantasy
  • Snake Draft or Salary Cap Fantasy

Why do users play these games?

Our games tap into the core engagement drivers
of accomplishments, unpredictability and social influence

Predictor Games

Sports Predictor - Predict the outcome of sports events and transform the way fans watch live sports

Open Predictor - Bring in the excitement of sports predictor to any event. Be it stock markets or politics or movies keep the users hooked


Test the skill of user around a topic. Quizzes have been known to be a engaging way to educate an idea or a topic. Let users compete with their friends and earn bragging rights

Fantasy Games

Answer to your engagement equation

    • 01
    • Leverage customer’s current predisposition to online gaming.
    • 02
    • Bring the spontaneous engagement of online gaming platforms under the brand umbrella
    • 03
    • Open up new revenue streams that gamification can bring.

Beat the Streak

Increase the fun factor of prediction games with this new game. The aim is not to get maximum correct answers but to get the longest winning streak

Custom Game Development

Got an idea to develop a game that will turbo charge the engagement quotient? Our large talented team of developers with skills in game development, along with our deep understanding of user engagement will come handy

Customer Gamification

from engagement pain to
customer gain

fan engagement solution customer gamification by vinfotech

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How Vinfotech can help you with fantasy sports app development?

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