Custom Sports Betting and Prediction Software

Powerful and feature rich sports betting software for millennial engagement.

Powerful Sports Betting Solutions to Keep Your Punters Hooked

Our tailor-made approach to software development ensures that our customers leave satisfied with an application that meets their unique challenges and requirements. Loaded with all the features that you will need to succeed, our White-label betting sports solution is second to none.

Sports Betting Exchange Solution

Betting exchanges are becoming an increasingly integral part of the global sports betting landscape, offering punters with intuitively fairer experience. Vinfotech can help you build your own betting exchange that proves to be profitable for you while delivering a risk-free and exciting betting experience to the punters of your platform.

Fancy Betting Solution

The popular choice of avid cricket fans, Fancy Betting also known as Supremacy, is one among the variety of bets that have defined betting in cricket. Fancy betting offers punters an opportunity to rack up massive profits by outfoxing a team of odds compilers. It is a lot more volatile than traditional but provides an exciting opportunity for punters to cash in on their sporting expertise

Sportsbook Betting Solution

An ingenious, highly profitable business model, a sportsbook is a traditional betting platform that pits the bookmaker against the punter. Our sportsbook solutions provide the richest sports coverage, providing access to various sporting events. Its odds-compiling algorithms, present the most attractive odds to the end-user and guarantees maximum end-user satisfaction leading to a steady increase in profits for the operator.

Parlay Betting

A very successful and popular betting strategy, parlay bet is a cumulative series of two or more bets where the winnings from the first bet rollovers to the next and so on. Punters do not need to break the bank to hit it big. A punter can start with a $5 parlay, that will go a long way. This aspect attracts a lot of amateur bettors to the parlay betting platform. Parlay bets are most favored among the betting community as it gives an opportunity to rack up massive profits, very fast when executed properly.

Features powered by innovation

Monitor, aggregate and mitigate risk with our impeccable risk management system

Integrated risk management system that provides the full control of all components that power a sportsbook, betting exchange like service configuration, optimised pricing, risk parameters, customer profiling, insight to ticket data, fraud detection etc.

Deliver unmatched sports betting experience with fully customizable UI components

Bootstrapped with creativity, innovation & performance, our customizable UI components combined with highly advanced technology features deliver an interactive and unmatched gameplay experience to your users.

Multi-platform Availability

Highly advanced desktop & mobile technology features, allowing multi-platform availability for a bespoke gaming experience.


With support for multiple languages, our solutions create an open, global market for your business to grow and generate eminent revenue.

Multi currency

We offer currency choice at a global scale and data-sets to drive easier, more secure, and more profitable cross-border payment acceptance.

Advanced Back office panel

Speed up your workflow with quick and effective processing of complex administration tasks with our end-to-end game management technology.

We collaborate with the best data feed providers and payment gateways.

As a team of domain experts, we have created more than 200 highly polished fantasy sports websites and mobile applications. We have seen this industry grow and delivered different kinds of sports leagues with all possible game play variations.

Payment gateways

We offer payment solutions for worldwide markets, including Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers, e-wallets, vouchers, and mobile payments.

Data feed providers

Fantasy sports app development done right

Great fantasy experiences are powered by great technology. Our experienced development team builds solutions at the leading edge of tech to keep your assets effective, secure and seamlessly integrated - connecting your business to its users in innovative new ways.

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