Sports betting software solution

Powerful and feature rich sports betting software for millennial engagement.

Emerging sports betting market in US

In this increasingly noisy industry of betting, where supreme court has legalized sports betting in the US. Vinfotech keeping in pace with the changes has come up with the best sports betting software solutions which are extremely compelling and user-driven.
Billion dollars of revenue await the gaming operators especially for:

Land based casinos
Online casinos
Betting solutions for startups by Vinfotech
Sports betting startups
Sports betting software solutions by Vinfotech
Betting operators

With our unique concept to completion approach we ensure that your software and business needs are served in a wholesome manner.

Sports betting software meant for you

There was a time when even the idea of sports betting made people uncomfortable, it was considered very negative connotations. And here we are when sports betting is socially accepted and played as an engaging game.

To make your sports betting software more engaging and sticky to users Vinfotech has come up with two splendid types of gameplay which will change the way people look at the betting.

Parlay betting

Every user seeks for a larger reward while betting on sports. Parlay betting helps in combining the maximum wagers in your card to help you win bigger payouts.

Pari-mutuel/ Pool betting

Betting is always more fun when placed in a pool or played against someone. Pool betting helps your users play in groups among friends, family etc. and challenge each other at every point of the game.

Sports betting made interesting

Betting is being in the market for quite a long time now, but when mixed with sports it’s a lot more engaging and fun. We here at Vinfotech always love to experiment with sports, we can club your bets, create a traditional head to head sports betting software or playing in pools possibly anything can be created in a highly engaging platform. We have tried our best to give the traditional sports betting an edge and a new angle which is more exciting, engaging and fun.

Perks of working with Vinfotech

Team Vinfotech focuses on the three vital advantages that your sports betting software needs:

Idea to launch

Your rigid companions through this entire journey of listening, nurturing and development of your sports betting platform.

  • 01

    Idea Nurturing

    Tell us your big idea. We will listen.

  • 02

    Requirement Analysis

    Our team assesses your requirement thoroughly.

  • 03

    Pre Launch Site

    We will help you take the first step confidently.

  • 04

    Wireframe & Design

    We follow design thinking. Our wireframes are built as per user feedback.

  • 05

    Development & Deployment

    We provide speedy development and smooth deployment

    User Engagement

    We assist our customers with user engagement strategies

Why Vinfotech?

  • 01

    Unmatched designs

    We don’t design for art. We design for users. Our sports betting software are dopamine for your millennial and Gen-Z users.

  • 02

    Scalable platform

    Our gaming platform comes with cutting-edge performance and massive scalability. It can handle millions of users.

  • 03

    Rock solid security

    We work on various technology that ensures your platform is solid. Scalable, robust and fully secured which ensures a deep trust of your users in the application.

  • 04

    We know the rules

    We are into the industry of sports for almost eight years. We are aware of the rules and laws across continents. We build products that are legal and credible.

How Vinfotech can help you with fantasy sports app development?

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