Vinfotech’s iGaming Engine An ERP solution to start your gaming business

Our gaming engine is a hassle-free solution for starting a fast and fully-functioning real-money gaming business with a comprehensive software package, seamless integrations and a fast access to the best online games. It is possible to choose our core products and then gradually diversify the portfolio on your existing platform.

Our solutions deliver amazing game experiences in regulated markets

Experience Hub

Deliver unmatched gaming experience with customizable UI components

Bootstrapped with creativity, innovation & performance, our customizable UI components combined with highly advanced technology features deliver an interactive and unmatched gameplay experience to your users.

Real-time leaderboards

A scoreboard displaying player names and current scores of the leading players to keep the competition on the edge. Real-time leaderboards with interesting UI components will help you create conversations around your game.

Real-time Leaderboards

Virtual currency- Coins

Virtual currency- Coins

Users love it when they win. Coins are not restricted to only being the virtual game currency, they are the motivators that drive user actions. Users can earn coins on various game activities like daily sign-ins, referring a friend & can participate and bet in games with them. The coins can also be exchanged for real cash, bonus cash, and gift coupons.

Bonus & Rewards

Our platform combines in-game bonuses and gamification rewards to boost player acquisition and retention. Users are also rewarded with coins or bonus cash on referring the platform to a friend, to encourage brand loyalty. To further gamify the experience, operators can also create small referral milestones and reward users with coins or bonus cash on completion.

Bonus & Rewards

Gaming Multilingual


With support for multiple languages, our solutions create an open, global market for your business to grow and generate eminent revenue.


With multicurrency solutions you can easily take your busines worldwide. We offer currency choice at global scale and data-sets to drive easier, more secure, and more profitable cross-border payment acceptance.

Multicurrency Gaming

Game Hub

Multiple game types to attract gaming enthusiasts in millions

Offer a diverse catalog of real-money games, equipped with gamification dynamics to keep your players motivated and engaged. We can help seamlessly integrate rummy, poker with our core game products to offer a multi-gaming platform for your users.

Multiple game types

Our multiple sports & prediction gaming formats namely, DFS, Pick’em, Free 2 Play, Open predictor, & others are equipped with immersive features deliver a thrilling gaming experience.

Multiple Game Types

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration

Multiple games and live-stream data feeds are integrated efficiently via seamless API integration to deliver an unparalleled game experience to your users.

Tournament mode

Powered by leaderboards, smart features like pool-betting, automatic contest creation & cancellation, tournament mode keeps the players enthusiastic & elevates their game.

Tournament mode

Gamification levels

Gamification levels

An exclusive and superior collection of game types, integrated with customized gamification levels like daily login streak, reward milestones will keep your players hooked on your platform.

Finance Hub

Our customisable and complaint payment, fraud and KYC solutions

We are the leading fantasy sports developers and have delivered more than 200 highly polished fantasy gaming websites and mobile applications. Our solutions are completely integrated with licensing and payment solutions to supercharge your business.

Multiple payment gateways

We offer payment solutions for worldwide markets, including Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers, e-wallets, vouchers, and mobile payments.

Marketing Hub

Know your game and your gamers

A highly advanced user segmentation technology that allows you to track the actions of your users. Integrated with comprehensive Business Intelligence and reporting features, marketing module will help you better target the right player at the right moment, and create a truly personalised experience for the players.

Learn about their behaviors, personas, preferences, and understand what motivates them in real-time. Build strategies, campaigns, and communications around it to maintain customer satisfaction and safeguard retention. Users can be segregated into defined groups to deliver communications via emails, SMS’s, in-app, and push notifications.

Office Hub

Control the backstage

Office Hub adds value to your gaming business by empowering the quick and effective processing of complex administration tasks. Reduce complicated, time-consuming processes with our end-to-end game management technology and allow yourself the luxury of time, and the opportunity to flow without constraints.

Intuitive Dashboards

Our advanced dashboards will help you speed up your workflow. Every touchpoint & user interaction like signups, deposits, site rake, app usage, are all represented by intuitive graphs & data points to help you gain insights, understand trends, & track the KPIs of your business. These are highly customizable to meet all your business requirements.

Advanced Reporting

Create custom reports for various business units, such as user activity, contests, finance, or referrals. The tool translates any data into actionable insight that can help you make better, evidence-based decisions for your business.

Game Management

The operational functionalities of the games offered on the platform can be managed by independent game management modules that allow operators to run and manage different game types without any hassle.

Rewards Management

The distribution of rewards like bonus cash, merchandise, and virtual game currency- coins will be completely controlled by you. The module allows you to decide redemption rules, provides detailed reports, and helps you manage the merchandise shop. The functionalities of the module enable you to easily list & completely manage the rewards across all game types.

User Role Hierarchy

We offer a user role hierarchy that you can use among your employees/partners by sharing settings to provide levels of access to your gaming business data.

Affiliate Hub

Boost your revenue with a whole new level of a player acquisition system

Users trust their peers, friends, and people they admire more than the companies selling the products and services. Our affiliate marketing and agent management solutions can be effectively leveraged by brands, partners, or influencers to earn gains, whilst increasing your revenue.

Industry-leading commissions

Affiliates can help you widen your customer base by using online agent networks to acquire more players. We offer simplified registration and commission options without monetary caps, obligations, or minimum commitment for efficient player acquisition.

Easy promotions

A simplified affiliate management solution that allows affiliates to easily promote the platform with dedicated referral links, pre-designed banners, emails, and more.

feature-rich tracking

Our solutions efficiently manage data like the number of signups, deposit amount, and provide in-depth reporting and tracking of the promotions’ impact.

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