Vinfotech Launches Road Trippers Club: An exclusive custom social network for road trippers

The Road Trippers Club is a unique and custom social network platform built to engage a niche demographic. Read more.

Vinfotech recently launched The Road Trippers Club for one of its clients. The custom social network platform is actually a community for those who love taking road trips and offers such users a chance to collaborate, organize and share road trips. The custom social network is part of the growing trend of niche communities that are created by industry leading brands to connect like-minded customers.

A major portion of e-commerce traffic in India is occupied by travel related applications and communities. As a result, companies selling automobiles, gadgets and travel-related kits are looking to create custom social networks and online communities to bring all of their buyers at one place.

The Road Trippers Club is one such social network that intends to unite a community of travelers and road trippers. This is especially significant because India is a growing land of social network and internet users. In 2017, India surpassed the United States in the number of Facebook users alone. There were 241 million active Facebook users in India in that year. With over 460 million internet users, India is the second largest online market, ranked only behind China. [Source]

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, a Road Trippers Club representative shared, “The objective of RTC was to get together like-minded people and create a community of roadtrippers. The website has helped us in creating a social network around this thought and given a comprehensive offering right from creating events to creating a repository of articles to a trip planner. Moreover it helped us create this comprehensive platform really quickly.”

Excited at the response that RTC received within a short time, Vinfotech CEO Akshay Jain said, “Automotive industries aspire to build their own communities to connect road tripper freaks and their employees for an open discussion to share tripping stories, announcements, and updates. Road Trippers Club tends to foster the engagement and attract more folk with like-mindedness.”

How does it work?

The Road Trippers Club easily gives access to resources without even signing up. However, the real action lies inside the community when you set up your account after a simple sign-up. The community provides drives, forum, groups, articles and trip planners. Of course, users get to brag about their road trips and showcase their photos to be admired and seen by other users within the community.

Notable features of Road Trippers Club

/ Simple sign up by email, Facebook, Linked-in and Google plus.
/ An intuitive trip planner that lets you plan your next road trip easily.
/ There’s a ‘Drives’ section that showcases any forthcoming road trips along with memories of old ones. The users can join sign up for any of these drives and become part of the trip.
/ The Forum section seeks to help users towards any help or information.
/ Groups section allows users to join like-minded groups for future collaboration, discussion or advice.
/ The articles section helps users to get inspiration from travel stories and other travelers.

Team Road Trippers Club hired Vinfotech – a leading social networking website development company that has pulled of more than 100 projects in social networking website development. Vinfotech has been building winning custom social networks for over eight years now and has hands-on experience in online community development and social media website design. Apart from creating the custom social network, Vinfotech guided RTC team towards growing the community through pre and post launch strategies. This helped RTC click with road trippers instantly, attracting thousands of users.

About Vinfotech

Vinfotech creates world's best social networks for brands, interest groups and sports fans.The social networking development firm also helps brands get initial set of real engaged users to put turbo in their social network growth. Its award winning software vSocial™ allows the team to build stellar customized communities faster and better. The team uses MVC based CodeIgniter 3.0 framework. Their social network framework takes care of security guidelines and it protects against XSS, CSRF, AJAX request tempering and SQL Injection, along with many security checks to simplify authentication, access control and a number of other risk-prone areas.

With a REST architecture and native APIs, their platform is an extensible framework for building fully customized applications. In addition, it supports native mobile applications, fully responsive websites and easy integration with third party APIs. With a varied portfolio, Vinfotech is equipped to handle any kind of social network web and mobile application with élan. The team has built custom social networks industries such as Automobile; Healthcare; Events management; Sports; FMCG; Beauty and fashion; Travel; News and media to name a few. Among their customers are Mahindra, Aston Martin, Burberry, Arabian Gulf League and Snapdeal. To know more give us a call.

  • The Road Tripper Club is an exclusive custom social network
  • It intends to connect road trippers by helping them organize and share road trips
  • It’s a platform to exchange knowledge, resources and vital information
  • Vinfotech built RTC as a custom social network platform

About Vinfotech

Vinfotech creates world's best social networks for employees, brands, interest groups and sports fans. We promise initial set of real engaged users to put turbo in your social network growth. Our award winning software vSocial™ allows us to build stellar customized communities faster and better. Our customers include Aston Martin, Burberry, Arabian Gulf League and Snapdeal.

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