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“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed.”

This ancient Hindu philosophy uncannily describes the purchase behavior of today’s consumers. It helps intelligently connect emotions, desires, needs and wants with consumer purchase behavior.


A customer's emotional connect with a brand is the most significant trigger for buying behavior. When features and price have turned commodities, brand experience wins the day for your business.


Positioned uniquely as a blend of customer communities and brand intelligence dashboard, our platform helps you cross the chasm between brand-led emotions and buying decisions. We combine best of both the worlds to deliver the most relevant actionable insights.

Brand Community Software – Mind Map by Vinfotech
Brand Community Software – Mind Map by Vinfotech
The Platform

Every human decision generates a data point. Every decision has emotion embedded in it. This fundamental truth is the genesis of our platform. We work at the intersection of human emotions, brand communication and customer experience ultimately resulting in profitable purchase decisions. Our platform is positioned uniquely as a blend of brand communities and brand intelligence.

Extensible platform

With three extensions catering to Customer Communities, Social Commerce and Interest Groups, our platform helps you cross the chasm between brand-led emotions and buying decisions.

Massive scalability

Regardless of your industry/vertical, brand vintage, number of customers or employees, we will help you bridge the gap between brand-led emotions and buying decisions leading to higher productivity, greater predictability and better profitability.

Platform Extensions

Our platform can be deployed in modules with a much sharper focus. The following are our platform extensions:

Customer communities

Customer communities perform three core tasks - customer onboarding, product support and customer interaction. Millennial customers often treat this as a resource for authorized and credible pre-buying research. This is also an excellent avenue to tap into the latent user feedback and ideas which millennials want to share with their brand.

Select use cases

  • / On-boarding/immediate product registration for existing buyers
  • / Central resource for new buyers considering buying the brand
  • / Official knowledge repository for product support/troubleshooting
  • / Building customer panels for causal research and geo-tagging the responses
  • / Mapping user patterns, consolidating product ideation feedback and uncovering actionable insights

Interest groups

Typically, interest groups are more evolved than customer communities. Interest groups are sharply focused on a certain interest area. They feature more oriented users also known as brand advocates or evangelists. Brand owners can benefit from this platform extension when considering running exclusive privileges or organizing invitation-only events for their most special customers.

Select use cases

  • / Differentiate this group from your customer community
  • / Target your best and highest grossing customers
  • / Regulate admission to this group based on the sales potential of each customer
  • / Run tightly controlled customer loyalty programs and specially curated events
  • / Target opinion leaders amongst your customers for ultra-niche user research

Social commerce

Generic e-commerce sales strategies are saturated - think paid referrals, free shipping, discounts etc. The next wave of selling is social (which is credible and predictable). This extension adds a social layer to your e-commerce platform. User reviews by trusted/known people are more likely to lead to sales than any market research or paid advertising.

Social commerce helps in informed buying. It helps answer social questions like "Who are you" and "Who do you know". This, in turn, can throw up interesting answers to "what you are likely to buy". Our proprietary algorithms yield rich demographic and psychographic data based on which brand strategies can be fine-tuned.

Select use cases

  • / Social log-in to show users what their friends have purchased
  • / Explore product discovery ideas through shared interests to induce sales
  • / Shop together - encourage interest-based group buying with friends and family
  • / Trusted buyers can recommend products they have themselves bought
  • / System-generated recommendations based on buyers' social interests
  • / Post reviews, ratings and recommendations socially
  • / Curated newsletters to share with targeted user groups
  • / Users can create collections of products and product categories and share it
What’s inside our platform?

360º Data Capture

Map how customers interact with your brand before, during and after purchasing. While everyone loves data, understand its actual basis. Go beyond WHAT and HOW MUCH into WHY EXACTLY. Record customer reactions from sources like websites, social networks, brand, product feedback from advertising on TV and etc.


Geo-tagged data points

On-boarding all your customers isn't enough. Using our comprehensive multi-layered map engine, exactly pinpoint their location. Context is extremely important. Two similar comments reported from two different markets can mean two entirely different things for the brand strategist.


Dynamic sentiment visualization

Generate real-time, color-coded schemas of your customers' feedback on your brand. Add a layer of Google maps to know the locations from where your customers are commenting. Turn your real-time, geo-tagged sentiment heat maps into actionable insights.


Deviation mapping

Map your planned marketing campaign objectives against the impact actually delivered. Run a causal research campaign to understand customer reactions to your brand communication. Use deviation mapping to understand the positive and negative deviations.


Post-purchase outreach

Register and onboard your customers immediately after purchase. Plan a post-purchase feedback campaign comprising in-app notifications, SMS, email and phone calls. Record this feedback in pre-designated research data forms.

Decision Support Icon by Vinfotech

Decision support

Our platform empowers you to take the best possible decisions around your brand.

  • / Go beyond quantitative data points
  • / Gain sharp insights about your brand and customer experience
  • / Move data horizontally to uncover great new insights
  • / Take better brand and business decisions
  • / Last-mile data delivery via mobile apps and web access
  • / Robust API provide for great inter-platform operability
Customization Icon by Vinfotech


No two enterprises are the same even if they're from the same industry. We understand this very well. You get exactly what you want by customizing to your particular business situation. What's more, as your brand grows, the platform also evolves with it.

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