GradGownSwap launched: It all started with a simple idea

We have worked with Rob Grabow before, for his apparel business. Rob is an entrepreneur and he comes up with new business ideas regularly.

All of us at Vinfotech admire his ability to take quick decisions and he has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He and his colleague Barbara thought of an idea that students should be able to exchange Graduation Gowns since they did not fancy the concept of buying a new gown which would anyway be used for just a few hours. Wouldn't it be great if someone nearby could sell his (barely) used gown to you? That's how the idea came, pat came a phone call to Vinfotech and all we know is that after 30 minutes of brainstorming over the phone, Team Vinfotech was working on the prototype.

The Project Manager and Designers at Vinfotech started with the design prototype and set out to create something very simple, minimalistic and extremely beautiful. GradGownSwap is a website to search for graduation gowns. It's a place where college students can put their used graduation gowns up for sale. The process for both the sellers and buyers is simple yet very effective.

The website has a quick sign up for graduation gown sellers and a simple search for buyers to look for a gown of a particular school will result inan appropriate match. As a part of the Lean Startup Principle we decided to begin without an e-Commerce or monetary transaction model so that the site can be tested with its target audience. The buyers and sellers can get in touch with each other directly using the system.

A user can select a graduation gown of choice and contact the seller by providing some general details like size, while the post is still valid. The seller or the graduation gown owner receives the messages from the buyer directly in their inbox via an email masking system which ensures secure dialogues. The graduation gown search is not a regular search but a customized search with parameters like graduation gowns with caps and tassel, date, price, gown size, gown type, gown condition etc. An algorithmic graduation gown search ensures that a buyer gets the best possible results relating to parametric actions performed.

Vinfotech has always been passionate about working on new ideas, specially with startups. We try to add the Vinfotech touch. We are proud to be a part of the GradGownSwap idea having achieved what Rob and Barbara wanted us to, and that too very well.

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