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iPhone 6S & 6S Plus
01 Feb
iPhone 6S and 6S plus, iOS 9: The good, bad and the useful!

The latest entrants in the iPhone upgrades – iphone 6S and 6S plus – are built to make life easier than it already was.

ICE Totally Gaming Event, London
29 Jan
Vinfotech gears up for ICE Totally Gaming event in London

Vinfotech is exhibiting at ICE Totally Gaming event, London on 2-4 february 2016. See you at stand no. S8-144

VR Social Networking
20 Jan
Virtual Reality Apps may be the New Social Network

Imagine a bunch of teenagers sitting on a beach yet physically worlds apart and watching One Direction perform live in a concert.

Social Meets E-Commerce
11 Jan
Social meets E-Commerce

If 80% of marketers saw significant increase in traffic just by their social media pages last year, imagine how desperate they are to sell on social networks in 2016.

Fantasy Sports Solutions by Vinfotech
11 Jan
Which Loyalty Programs Work Best for Fantasy Sports Business?

How can the battle to acquire more user base in fantasy sports be won?

Mobile App Trends in 2016
08 Jan
Mobile Application Trends in 2016: What’s hot?

Did you know that 2015 became the first year in the history of Internet when mobile traffic surpassed the traffic of desktop users?

Social Media App Trends
17 Dec
The Five Hottest Social Media App Trends to Look Out for in 2016

What’s the biggest take-away from a decade of social media experience?

Data Feeds in Fantasy Sports Apps
11 Dec
Know the power of data feeds in fantasy sports apps!

Data Feeds – A crucial part of Fantasy Sports Application.

vSocial Framework
10 Dec
Four ways vSocial can make Social Network Apps Absolutely Dazzling

Social networks have made the world bolder, more eloquent, and well, social.

Fantasy Sports and Sports Fanship Connection
24 Nov
Are Fantasy Sports and Sports Fanship in real world closely connected?

Fantasy sports may now be calling the shots in the real world sports as well. At least that's what the researchers, market trends and some biggest partnerships have been saying.

Trending Markets for Niche Social Media
31 Oct
Trending Markets for Niche Social Media Innovators

Ever heard of Untappd? It’s a social networking mobile application for millions of beer lovers.

Fantasy Sports Startups Solutions
21 Oct
Payment Processing: What Fantasy Sports Startups need to know!

A proactive approach towards potential challenge is what fantasy sports startups need

eSports fantasy League Questions
21 Oct
Q&A – Future of E-Sports Fantasy Leagues

Quick set of questions that our clients ask us when they come to us for their fantasy sports projects.

Fantasy Sports Questions by Vinfotech Clients
12 Oct
Q&A – Daily Fantasy Sports Game Types and Variations

Quick set of questions that our clients ask us when the come to us for their fantasy sports projects.

Fantasy Sports Questions by Vinfotech Clients
09 Oct
Q&A - Fantasy Sports on Mobile Platform & Payment Gateways

Quick set of questions that our clients ask when they come to us for their fantasy sports projects.

Niche Social Network by Vinfotech
08 Oct
Why niche social network means big bucks?

Never in the history of the social network universe was this statement more relevant: Find your own niche.

The Power of Fantasy Sports Infographic
01 Oct
The Power of Fantasy Sports

An intuitive infographic telling us more about Fantasy Sports players.

Social Media Healthcare Solutions by Vinfotech
26 Aug
The Impact of Social Media on Healthcare

Vinfotech is a global leader in building secured and mobile friendly healthcare social networks, to allow doctors connect and care for patients.

Fantasy Sports Video by Vinfotech
17 Aug
Unbeaten Fantasy Sports Experiences by Vinfotech

An amazing video showcasing our services, scale & expertise in fantasy sports industry

Mobidraft Fantasy Sports Draft App by Vinfotech
05 Aug
Lets Mobidraft This Season

Introducing Mobidraft, A revolutionary draft application to make your draft an unbeatable experience.

Fantasy Sports Draft Tools by Vinfotech
16 Apr
Fantasy Sports Draft Tools – Making your life easier

The real key to success in a fantasy sports season is preparation.

Non Fantasy Sports Users Infographic
09 Jan
An Insight on Non Fantasy Sports Users

An Infographic to showcase some very interesting facts about players & non-players of fantasy sports.

International Sports Convention (ISC) Geneva
26 Dec
Vinfotech exhibited at International Sports Convention, 2014 at Geneva

Vinfotech participated as an exhibitor in the ISC 2014, Geneva event to showcase our expertise in sports web/mobile design & development and to learn from industry giants.

Vinfotech at International Sports Convention, Geneva 2014
01 Dec
Vinfotech at International Sports Convention, Geneva 2014

We are very excited to confirm our participation as exhibitor at International Sports Conference to be held on 10th & 11th December, 2014 at Palexpo, Geneva (Switzerland).

Fantasy Sports Mobile App Design by Vinfotech
01 Dec
Growing Trend of Fantasy Sports Mobile Apps

Hope you are having a great fantasy sports season this year. But wait a minute. Are you missing something?

Custom Social Networking Development by Vinfotech
25 Nov
How Mobile Are Social Networks?

Social networks that are available on desktop computers are able to bring like-minded individuals together, but there is a limit to this ability. Mobile app development is an important component of the success of a social network.

Vinfotech Partners with FantasyData LLC
06 Aug
Vinfotech partners with FantasyData LLC

We at Vinfotech would like to proudly announce our official Partnership with the leading Stats and Score providers FantasyData LLC.

Fantasy Draft Assistance Application
30 Jun
Fantasy Draft Tool Application

With the new NFL season fast approaching, the timing is perfect for all Fantasy Football fanatics (amateurs and experts) to get started with their pre-season strategies and lineup configurations.

Enterprise Social Networking Web Solutions
25 Jun
Reasons You need Enterprise Social Network Part 3

Over the past few weeks, you got to know why you need to boost up the internal communications of your startup/enterprise. Enterprise Social Networks boost the efficiency and clarity in the internal processes of an enterprise to optimum levels.

Enterprise Custom Social Networking Solutions
06 Jun
Reasons why your company needs Enterprise Social Network Part 2

Last Tuesday, we started you along on a path about how you can increase the clarity and responsiveness of your company’s internal communications with the help of an Enterprise Social Network.



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