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Enterprise Social Networking Web Solutions
25 Jun
Reasons You need Enterprise Social Network Part 3

Over the past few weeks, you got to know why you need to boost up the internal communications of your startup/enterprise. Enterprise Social Networks boost the efficiency and clarity in the internal processes of an enterprise to optimum levels.

Enterprise Custom Social Networking Solutions
06 Jun
Reasons why your company needs Enterprise Social Network Part 2

Last Tuesday, we started you along on a path about how you can increase the clarity and responsiveness of your company’s internal communications with the help of an Enterprise Social Network.

Vinfotech at FSTA Summer Conference
02 Jun
Vinfotech at FSTA Summer Conference, San Francisco, 2014

As one of the leading Fantasy Sports Design and Development firm, Vinfotech is proud to announce our upcoming attendance at Fantasy Sports Trade Association’s Summer Conference 2014 in San Francisco, California.

FlipKart Website Concept Redesign
26 May
A Concept Redesign for, India's Leading eCommerce Website, by Vinfotech

Check out concept redesign of FlipKart, a leading Indian e-commerce company by Vinfotech’s Creative Team.

Enterprise Custom Social Network Solutions
20 May
Reasons why your company needs Enterprise Social Networking: Part 1

Within the context of an organization, communication rules the roost. Be it through an email or a meeting, a memo or even a manager standing in the bay and loudly announcing the new information.

Fantasy Sports Web Solutions
14 May
Skill or Luck: What is Fantasy Sports about?

Fantasy Sports were born in the late 1950s when Wilfred Winkenbach devised a way to list and choose preferred players from a roster in Fantasy Golf.

Vinfotech Merges with Snapstarter
07 May
Vinfotech and Snapstarter Merger

It is with great excitement that we officially welcome San Francisco-based Snapstarter, LLC into the Vinfotech family.

Mobile Startup Solutions
29 Apr
Is 2014 going to be big for Mobile Startups?

In 2014, Mobile usage statistics indicated that 86% of mobile usage was via mobile apps as opposed to 14% via mobile web. This is an increase from 2013’s 80-20% divide.

Startup Website Development Solutions
25 Apr
Top 3 Ways Startups and Web Development are building the Future

Since last few years, Startups have rapidly gained momentum, both in terms of growth as well as presence across our lives. From our roads to our screens to right in our sense of sight.

4 Facets Startups Need to Focus on
18 Apr
Four Aspects your Startup needs to focus on in 2014

In every Startup, there is one passion, one creative mind and one service/product.

Social Media and Mobile
11 Apr
Social Media and Mobile: An Overview

You have heard this often. But what comes next? Yes, it is now mobile. Yes, we all know that. But how did we find this? What were the indicators and statistics and what are their interpretations for the industry, for you, the entrepreneur?

MS Office Now Launched for iPad and iPhone
08 Apr
MS Office Now Launched for iPad and iPhone

Today this article brings quite a bundle of good news for us, for our clients and the users.

Vinfotech is now an official Microsoft partner in Silver category for Application Development.

Startups and Social Media Mature
07 Apr
Social Media Matures: Startups For Grownups

One of our favorite social media experts, Jeff Bullas states that these are the Social Media Facts and Statistics you, as a user and as a startup, need to know for 2014:

Five Stages of Website Redesign
04 Apr
5 Stages of Website Redesign: What you need to think and know and do.

As you know, this week we wrote a lot about redesign. Not just what we think, what you need to know but also a little about how the web itself is redesigning itself, ever since iOS 7 hit our devices.

Fantasy Sports Solutions for Startups
03 Apr
The Fantastic Sphere Of Fantasy Sports

As a Startup, passion is an inherent quality. And that is why we love working with startups the world over, where we can help them leverage their passion and their confidence in a domain of their choice.

Redesigning Your Website
02 Apr
Finding vs Discovering: Your Redesign should do the latter

By now you’ve already figured out that we are covering the essentials of Redesigning your websites this week.

 Twitter Redesign Update
01 Apr
Twitter Redesign Update: User-friendly, Shareable, Focused on you.

Yesterday, we talked a little about how and why you need to consider redesigning your website, be it for startup or an established enterprise. The whole idea was born out of the observation of last few months of web.

Redesign your Website for 2014
31 Mar
Why and How you need to Redesign your Website for 2014

The first quarter of 2014 has been a gallery of change across the web giants.

UX Design and Startups
28 Mar
What does UX Design mean for your Startup?

As a Startup, UX Design is very important for your future. Why so? Because it determines how your customers will experience your product/service. So here are a few things you need to make sure of when you launch yourself.

Social Networks and Startups
27 Mar
3 Major changes in Social Networking for 2014 that your Startup can cash on.

You’ve been hearing this often. Whether on screens or in spirit, social media has changed. Social networking is now a completely different ballgame.Blah blah blah. Buzzwords are a buck a dime. So lets simplify.

Windows Azure Conference 2014
26 Mar
Vinfotech Attends Windows Azure Conference, Bengaluru, 2014

Last week, Windows hosted a by-invitation only event called Windows Azure Conference  held on 20-21st March, 2014 in Bengaluru, India.

Startups and Fantasy Sports
25 Mar
Fund your Fantasy: Startups that raised big money in Fantasy Sports

Startups! Take note! Pay attention! Big money is calling.

Vinfotech's UI Designs Featured on Behance
24 Mar
Vinfotech's stunning UI Designs featured on Behance

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

Role of a UX Designer
20 Mar
5 questions UX Designers work with

Last week, we introduced you to a new series of articles about UX Design. You can find our previous article "UX is everything.

Fantasy Sports Web Solutions
19 Mar
Fantasy Sports: Play big, earn big!

The next big thing has happened. Right in front of our eyes. Fantasy sports.

Vinfotech Developers Conference
18 Mar
Vinfotech Mega DevCon: The Coverage

Vinfotech is an ardent believer in smart work giving rise to simpler solutions. You read tons of blogs and articles about how simplifying web development is the new renaissance.

User Experience Design Solutions
14 Mar
UX is everything. Everything is UX. (Repeat ad infinitum)

To begin with, here's the definition of User Experience (UX) straight from the man who coined the term and brought it into the tech industry:

Six Mistakes to Avoid in Responsive Typography
13 Mar
6 mistakes you can avoid in Responsive Typography

Hi there, fellow type geek! Thanks for seeing your way to this article. Well this is the third article in a series of blogposts about Typography and Responsive Web design.

Pros and Cons of Single Page Websites
12 Mar
Single Page Website: What you need to know.

The Web is a fascinating place. And more so in the last couple of years. Web development and web designs have taken leaps and bounds into making our screens look more beautiful.

Social Media Changes in 2014
11 Mar
5 Ways Social Media Changes in 2014

In the first 3 years of a new decade, we've seen social media go through a profound change in terms of networking, sharing, entertainment, advertising and education.

Here's how we speculate social media to change in the year 2014



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