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Mobile Health Application by Vinfotech
12 Apr
Easy and secure access to health data helps engage patients

Even as healthcare tasks continue to move online around the world, statistics show that at least half of the patients in the West can’t access their health information online.

Social Media and Real Time Engagement
12 Apr
Does social media thrive on real time engagement?

Freeze! Seize the moment! That pretty much sums up what real-time engagement is all about.

Who Needs Fantasy Leagues
07 Apr
Who needs fantasy sports?

Fantasy Sports has gradually seeped into several aspects of life and businesses today. Fantasy games are now engaging fans like never before, luring enterprises, startups and casinos into it.

Mistakes Startups Should Avoid
29 Mar
The five mistakes startups should avoid while building mobile application!

Startups, being disruptive in nature, often find themselves attempting something completely new. No one’s prepared for startups, everything is a try-test-move-on process

Why do startups fail?
23 Mar
Why do startups fail?

90% of startups fail in general while 99% of consumer internet companies fail.

Social Networking Trends in 2016
21 Mar
Social Networking Trends in 2016

Social Networking is the way users interact today. And web and mobile applications are built around this idea.

Fantasy Sports takes Mexico by Storm
19 Mar
Fantasy Sports Takes Mexico By Storm

Fantasy Sports reigns in North America, now takes Mexico by storm.

Startup Mobile App
17 Mar
Why should every startup have a mobile app?

Did you ever check with that across-the-street coffee shop if it had a mobile app? And if it has, the coffee shop is already ahead of the game.

History of Social Network
16 Mar
When and how did Social Networking begin?

Social Networking is today a way of life. The social network design today is used for various applications at workplaces across industries.

Fantasy Sports Success Mantra
03 Mar
Vinfotech Fantasy Sports Framework – The Bedrock of our successful Fantasy Sports Applications (Version 1.0)

Vinfotech brings a robust, adaptive and exhaustive framework to convert your distinctive ideas into a successful fantasy sports business venture.

Mobile App Startups
25 Feb
What does ‘Startup India’ mean for mobile application development?

Acting as a window for startup information exchange, a mobile application will be launched on April 1st 2016 in India.

User Centric Design Trends
23 Feb
User Centric Design Trends to Dominate Social Network in 2016

Social networks are not for passing time anymore. They are effective tools of reading, interacting, working, sharing information, buying and organizing today.

Future of Mobile-First Approach
19 Feb
Future of Mobile-First Approach

Ask any developer if he prefers building a mobile application first before the web, and you will get a NO for an answer.

Vinfotech At ICE Totally Gaming Event 2016
17 Feb
Vinfotech successfully showcases at ICE Totally Gaming event in London

Vinfotech exhibits at the largest and most comprehensive B2B event of gaming industry “Ice Totally Gaming, London”.

Social Networking and Sports
02 Feb
Fans now engage in social networks for sports

Sport, by its character, is meant to be shared. And today there are more opportunities that fans can count for this sharing.

M-Commerce vs eCommerce
02 Feb
M-Commerce v/s eCommerce: Rivals or partners?

January 1st 2016 was the best day ever for Apple’s App Store with consumers spending about $144 million.

iPhone 6S & 6S Plus
01 Feb
iPhone 6S and 6S plus, iOS 9: The good, bad and the useful!

The latest entrants in the iPhone upgrades – iphone 6S and 6S plus – are built to make life easier than it already was.

ICE Totally Gaming Event, London
29 Jan
Vinfotech gears up for ICE Totally Gaming event in London

Vinfotech is exhibiting at ICE Totally Gaming event, London on 2-4 february 2016. See you at stand no. S8-144

VR Social Networking
20 Jan
Virtual Reality Apps may be the New Social Network

Imagine a bunch of teenagers sitting on a beach yet physically worlds apart and watching One Direction perform live in a concert.

Social Meets E-Commerce
11 Jan
Social meets E-Commerce

If 80% of marketers saw significant increase in traffic just by their social media pages last year, imagine how desperate they are to sell on social networks in 2016.

Fantasy Sports Solutions by Vinfotech
11 Jan
Which Loyalty Programs Work Best for Fantasy Sports Business?

How can the battle to acquire more user base in fantasy sports be won?

Mobile App Trends in 2016
08 Jan
Mobile Application Trends in 2016: What’s hot?

Did you know that 2015 became the first year in the history of Internet when mobile traffic surpassed the traffic of desktop users?

Social Media App Trends
17 Dec
The Five Hottest Social Media App Trends to Look Out for in 2016

What’s the biggest take-away from a decade of social media experience?

Data Feeds in Fantasy Sports Apps
11 Dec
Know the power of data feeds in fantasy sports apps!

Data Feeds – A crucial part of Fantasy Sports Application.

vSocial Framework
10 Dec
Four ways vSocial can make Social Network Apps Absolutely Dazzling

Social networks have made the world bolder, more eloquent, and well, social.

Fantasy Sports and Sports Fanship Connection
24 Nov
Are Fantasy Sports and Sports Fanship in real world closely connected?

Fantasy sports may now be calling the shots in the real world sports as well. At least that's what the researchers, market trends and some biggest partnerships have been saying.

Trending Markets for Niche Social Media
31 Oct
Trending Markets for Niche Social Media Innovators

Ever heard of Untappd? It’s a social networking mobile application for millions of beer lovers.

Fantasy Sports Startups Solutions
21 Oct
Payment Processing: What Fantasy Sports Startups need to know!

A proactive approach towards potential challenge is what fantasy sports startups need

eSports fantasy League Questions
21 Oct
Q&A – Future of E-Sports Fantasy Leagues

Quick set of questions that our clients ask us when they come to us for their fantasy sports projects.

Fantasy Sports Questions by Vinfotech Clients
12 Oct
Q&A – Daily Fantasy Sports Game Types and Variations

Quick set of questions that our clients ask us when the come to us for their fantasy sports projects.



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