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Career At Vinfotech
Why should you join Vinfotech?

People choose Vinfotech for various reasons depending on their expectations. Some of the most common reasons are:

Interest-based work

We all put our heart to what we love, don’t we?

Work ownerships

Own your tasks to achieve excellence

Idea Tanks

Ideas get a warm hug from anywhere, anyone

Exciting and varied domains

Isn’t life about using the whole box of crayons?

Stories of our own people who grew exceptional with us
Prabhakar Singh - VP Smart City Solutions

It’s fun to be able to delve into various domains and discover your strengths. I enjoyed discovering the various needs of today’s governments in terms of information technology applications and how ambitious they are about bringing in a positive change in their states using digital solutions.With Vinfotech, I realized how users have become more demanding and inspiring the development of some great applications we have seen.

Prabhakar Singh

VP Smart City Solutions

Rupal Juneja - Curator, Social Networks

It’s interesting that when I began working with Vinfotech nine years ago, we were high on Orkut. So when Facebook happened, most of us thought this is a fad that would go away. However, we realized over time that these social networks have forever changed the way the whole world communicated. I got the opportunity to witness this transition and work in an ecosystem where social networks are a necessity for any kind of business. At Vinfotech, you truly get to explore your interests and your abilities.

Rupal Juneja

Curator, Social Networks

Anoop Mitra - Director, Customer Relations

Customer experience for me has always been a delightful area to work on, it's my passion. With Vinfotech, I got an opportunity to design an entire Customer Relationship Division alongside our CEO Akshay. I enjoyed the trust and the freedom for the same. It was engaging to work with clients from countries like South America, Russia, Australia, USA & Europe. We deal with people, emotions and for us to be able to understand and build customer experiences miles away was a wonderful learning experience.

Anoop Mitra

Director, Customer Relations


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