Grinq makes events networking hotter than ever before
Grinq – Social Networking Website Design and Development for Events by Vinfotech

The Journey of Grinq

Peter Lavieri loves socializing. He felt a calling to create an exclusive social networking application that would enable people to organize and participate in fun events together. He approached Vinfotech to create an exclusive platform for event networking. We had done a lot of social network application development projects earlier including a few for events, so we didn’t have a problem grasping the entire concept. However, our project team worked hard to come up with unique concepts and designs to make it stand out.

Peter Lavieri’s big question:

Will Grinq make event networking look exciting?

Ofcourse, we didn’t have the slightest of doubt that what we were building was nothing short of extraordinary. Keeping Peter in constant loop, we kept implementing feedback and inputs in order to improve with each step of the project.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • I want to create a platform that would be available for everybody to sell/buy tickets and create events.

  • We will give it a distinct feel that would not only do the event selling but also truly connect like-minded people.

  • The platform must be able to lure people into attending events.

  • We will keep socializing at the heart of the application through features such as notifications, events calendar etc in order to keep inspiring users to attend events.

  • The application should be at par with such event networking platforms, if not less.

  • Not only that, we will ensure it stands out.

User Stories

I want to know exactly which events are happening in my city or state.

I want to know if my ex-boyfriend is attending a certain concert happening in my city.

I want to be able to buy tickets right on the events platform to avoid any waste of time or any hassle.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech created a beautiful and exciting events networking platform for users interested in attending fun events with friends, knowing about events nearest to them and in buying tickets.


Market Research

We compared a few demographics and markets to understand the needs of the users as well as what was trending. This led to us to our comprehensive plan involving clients’ ideas, thoughts and motivations along with the market gaps.

Engaging with users

We made a comprehensive list of sample events and invited user feedback on their interests based on various parameters. We consolidated these survey results in order to understand their needs better.

Business assessment document

We created an assessment document in order to refer to and go back to whenever needed.

Creative workshop with client

We held a workshop with Mr Lavieri for a mutual understanding of the scope of the project. Our teams interacted with him one-on-one for better understanding.


Grinq was an events cum social networking platform, hence it had to look better than the best ones. We put our heart and soul into focused into creating wireframes that would give the client complete confidence in the app.

UI design

Our team now became clearer about the user demographic, so we set out to create designs. Our design process went on smoothly most of the time except for some project-specific hiccups.

Front-end development

Our team conducted a thorough quality analysis for user experience along with working on various aspects of the social network platform. Mr Lavieri was constantly in the loop as this was happening.


We follow design-thinking method of design and development. So our developers had users in mind constantly. They also interacted freely with Mr Lavieri through our project manager.


We got the beta version ready within a few weeks and now we were ready to roll it live.

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