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The Journey of Smart Chatbot

The client (NDA project) approached Vinfotech with a common problem faced by enterprises with more than 300 employees. Employees in this specific organization were spending 20 minutes a day sifting through various sources of information such as details of other employees, procedure for leave or loan applications or for reporting a problem. This meant that on an average, each employee of this 500-people organization was spending 100 minutes per week just to make sense of the available information. This further meant 400 minutes of employee time wasted on an average in a month. Through Smart Chatbot implementation on the organization’s intranet, Vinfotech saved straight 15 minutes per employee per day, bringing down the communication time to just 5 minutes (from 20 minutes earlier). Moreover, Smart Chatbot became a trusted friend for the employees at this workplace bringing excitement and fun.

Client’s big question:

How can we build a chatbot that doesn’t require another new platform for implementation?

Team Vinfotech didn’t take too long to answer this question because the team was equipped to build chatbots on top of any intranet. We removed the need of any other platform and built it on their internet. This helped the client get an AI-enabled chatbot within budget without implementing any extra tool while also achieving the main objective of saving time.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • Our employees feel that digital tools only make information more scattered and far away.

  • This AI-enabled chatbot will remove this perception because it will be equipped to answer queries with the existing information right away. Chatbots are usually built to evolve with more human interactions.

  • We want a ready-to-implement chatbot that requires zero learning curve.

  • We want to reduce the time employees spend in finding out information about our company on a daily basis.

  • We can reduce this time considerably with our chatbot solution.

User Stories

I cannot make sense of various leave application rules in my company. I am a new employee.

I handle HR in the company and despite a detailed orientation and various digital tools, new employees spend a lot of time settling down.

I want information related to other employees on my phone.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech aimed at creating an exciting and fun chatbot solution that would not only solve the existing problem of communication but also create a fun environment at the workplace.


Market Research

We built upon our decade-long understanding of building user-centric applications while also doing our bit of research about chatbots in the market.

Engaging with users

We created user profiles from the company, interviewing various employees, understanding their challenges of finding out information and their preferences.

Business assessment document

Creative workshop with client

We began with active interactions with the client along with their HR team for deeper understanding of larger goals. We could totally empathize with their problems and challenges that brought about a unity of objectives.


We presented the client with a few quick wireframes for visualization of the chatbot app.

UI design

UI design for a chatbot is often very tricky as it balances simplicity with the right language. Our team was equipped and had several references to help them create a UI design that the client approved of.

Front-end development

We sped up the development once we had the UI approval from the client. We did quality analysis for user experience along with working on various aspects of the chatbot app.


We gave our developers feedback of some initial users who had tested the application at a very early stage. This helped us correct anomalies in the app.  


As we had to deliver the product quite quickly, we launched the beta version faster so the client could start using the chatbot at the earliest.

Chatbot Design and Development by Vinfotech

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