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Escala 11 becomes the most loved Brazilian daily fantasy sports platform
daily fantasy football software development for brazilian fans by Vinfotech


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I was glad to have seen how this process works, how people here work and their professionalism. It was all very important for me to feel at ease with the work that was being done here. I had the confidence that the team could deliver the work faster with quality.

Gustavo Oliveira
Founder Escala 11

The journey of Escala 11

Brazil is the land of football. Gustavo Oliveira had a goal of bringing to the Brazilian market a form of entertainment that allows his countrymen combine the passion for football and the chance to win cash prizes.

Founder Gustavo Oliveira’s big question:

How do we confidently introduce an entertaining daily fantasy sports platform in Brazil?

Team Vinfotech created a Daily Fantasy Sports platform that Brazilians could relate to, further enhance their knowledge of sports and really stick to the platform due to an exceptional user experience. We built Escala11 as a fantasy football game with a focus on statistics and information to fans who aim to compete against other players using their knowledge of the sport. Escala 11 is fantasy sports application in Portuguese built around Brazil Cup and Brazilian Series A.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • Brazil needs such a DFS platform that would be all about Brazilian fantasy players.

  • We will give the application a complete Brazilian feel by building fantasy games around Brazil Cup and Brazilian Series A.

  • The platform must encourage every user regardless of his winning or losing

  • We will include Bonus Cash feature on sign-up so everyone keeps coming back to it

  • Is there a way to ensure that even inviting friends to the platform gets rewarded

  • We will add functionality of winning referral funds upon inviting or adding people.

User Stories

I want to be able to free fantasy games to practise before I put my money.

I want to invite my friends and get some reward from a fantasy platform.

I want all major Brazilian football leagues on one fantasy platform.

Is it possible to play fantasy football in Portuguese?

What did we do?

We built Escala 11 as a fantasy sports application in Portuguese around Brazil Cup and Brazilian Series A. It encourages the ability, expertise and deep knowledge of the user in relation to football, eliminating any possibility of the winner depending on luck or simple curiosity.


Market research

Our market research became segregated automatically since we already knew where to search. We understood Brazilian market while studying legal compliances in view of the users’ needs.

Engaging with users

Team Vinfotech enjoyed interacting with users from Brazil through creating groups on social media, chatting with them on Linked-in and Facebook while also talking with Escala11 Team. We found die-hard fans of all the Brazilian leagues.

Business assessment document

Every feature we had proposed to the client was done with the motto of increasing the sale and user base on the website. We consolidated these goals in a document for Mr Oliveira.

Creative workshop with the client

We engaged into a few comprehensive interaction sessions with the client. We decided upon key selling features of the website based upon the discussion.


Our five wireframes that included several functionalities such as feed options, bonus cash, scoring rules, lineups options etc helped Mr Oliveira visualize their future business. Now we all were on the same page and it didn’t take us long to customize features according to what he wanted.

UI design

Brazilians love bright and dark colours and are extremely territorial about sports teams, so we had to make sure our design echoed that sentiment strongly.

Front-end development

We finalized some additional features like bonus cash, referral bonus, etc to make the platform more competitive.


While integrating several leagues, we focused on soccer considering that our end-users were most loyal to the game. Looking at the compliances, we knew before- hand that some gateways could be a problem. So we finalized on the three safest payment gateways in the system.


We involved a few enthusiastic users suggested by Mr Olievera to finally test the application before finally launching it. The moment we got this validation, we launched the beta version followed by the final version on time.

daily fantasy football software development for brazil cup & brazilian series a by Vinfotech

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