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The journey of Dribbly

Until late 2015, Mexico didn’t have any lead fantasy sports service provider platform. So Dribbly founders decided to build an online platform where sports fans could create their account and play fantasy sports and win real cash money. Since they were building fantasy sports website for the first time, they preferred an experienced team.

Dribbly founders asked Vinfotech

Is it possible to gain the trust of Mexican fans in a fantasy sports app?

While Team Vinfotech explored answers to this question, we confidently held talks with the client assuring him of the success of this application due to our deep understanding of this user demographic. We duly emphasized on creating iPhone and Android apps to be synched with the same database and be updated with respect to the website. Our past study of NFL, NBA, Soccer and MLB helped us to integrate these leagues into the application.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • There’s no lead fantasy sports service provider website in Mexico.

  • We will build the application keeping especially Mexican players in mind.

  • We have the knowledge but have never ventured into a fantasy sports website before.

  • Our experienced team with 6+ years of building fantasy sports apps shall do the handholding.

  • It’s a tough call to build a fantasy sports app that today’s Mexican fans would relate to.

  • Our UI and UX design would ensure that they feel comfortable, the mobile apps (iPhone and Android) would further enhance their convenience and ease of playing.

  • How can the database of various fantasy sports leagues be integrated on to one platform without disrupting its user experience?

  • Our past experience of NFL, NBA, Soccer and MLB would enable us to integrate these leagues into the application. Yet it would be an addictive app from UX point of view.

User Stories

I want to play fantasy leagues that combine local and global players

I want to draft and play league matches in my language (Spanish)

I want to have access to some major league games as per the real time fixtures

I want to draft league games as per actual line-ups of NFL, NBA, MLB

I want to feel as thrilled playing fantasy sports as I feel in a football stadium

I want to be able to draft any of soccer league matches and be able to play anyone on the go

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech relates with this project even today the most, since we have helped this product grow from scratch. Knowing that the client would introduce something like this for the first time in that region, we particularly focused on data feeds, business consultation and legal compliances.


Market research

We studied South American fantasy sports market while understanding legal compliances and ways to turn Dribbly better than its competition.

Engaging with users

Engaging with users, we realized most of this user base consisted of working professionals, entrepreneurs, and people with considerable disposable income and they were mostly die-hard fans of all the soccer leagues.

Business assessment document

Every feature we had proposed to the clients was done with the motto of increasing the sale and user base on the website. We consolidated these goals in a document for the clients.

Creative workshop

We engaged into a few comprehensive interaction sessions with the clients. We decided two key selling features of the website based upon the discussion with the clients. While both the partners shared their motto behind building such a website, we made them abreast with some key features that would help them grow his business.


Our five wireframes that included several functionalities such as feed options, scoring rules, lineups options, salary cap options etc helped clients visualize their future business. Now they were on the same page as we were and it didn’t take them long to customize features according to what they wanted.

User interface design

South Americans love bright colours and are extremely territorial about sports teams, so we had to make sure our design echoed that sentiment strongly

Front-end development

We finalized some additional features like game creation, lineup submission, prize money per game, leaderboard.


While integrating several leagues, we focused on soccer considering that our end-users were most loyal to the game. Looking at the compliances, we knew before hand that some gateways could be a problem. So we finalized on the three safest payment gateways in the system.


We involved a few enthusiastic users suggested by the clients to finally test the application before finally launching it. The moment we got this validation, we launched the beta version followed by the final version on time i.e September 2015.

daily fantasy sports software for NFL, Mx League, Champions League, La Liga, Premier League, NBA and MLB by Vinfotech

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