Enterprise Social Networks

We custom-build enterprise social networks that help organizations get things done effectively.


Your organization appears like a group of multiple entities entirely independent, with no sharing of knowledge or information. You want to break those silos and bring the whole organization together to create efficiencies through enterprise social networking.


An enterprise social network built by a team that understands the psychology and art of getting businesses engaged. A team that can understand your organization, define the problem and can implement an organization-wide enterprise social network to facilitate interactions and unlock silos within the organization.

Enterprise Social
Don't pay per user
Get things done

Advantage Vinfotech

  • Excellent employee engagement
  • Get ideas from every employee
  • Discussion forums
  • Manage knowledge
  • Inbox zero
One of its kind
Get ready in Weeks, not months
Beautiful interfaces + Rapid development

Get things done

We will provide you with an enterprise social network that is beyond basic collaboration and will actually help you get things done.

Fall in love with the software

With a whole new way to communicate, intuitive designs and zero learning curve, we aspire to make you fall in love with enterprise social media platforms all over again.

What can you expect?

Discussion forums

Your team members are already sharing viewpoints or handling customers on social media. Bring that knowledge for innovation and facilitate sharing and discussion on multiple topics under organized discussion threads through enterprise social networking.

Benefit: It opens up feedback channels for better decision-making and helps tremendously in team engagement. You get the best from your organization on a business social network software.

Discussion Forums - Enterprise Social Networking Software by Vinfotech
Built on a proven framework

Everything is built on top of a proven framework that is reliable, secure and scalable. This framework is specifically used for enterprise social software and social network development, hence can be scaled up easily

Benefit: Your own enterprise social collaboration rolled out for you, in weeks and not months.

Proven Framework - Enterprise Social Networking Software by Vinfotech
Manage knowledge

We help organize bits of unstructured information into organizational knowledge that can be searched, referred and built upon.

Benefit: Avoid re-inventing the wheel and improve efficiencies drastically. It’s a social community software meant to manage knowledge well.

Organizational Knowledge Management - Enterprise Social Networking Software by Vinfotech
Automatic reminders

At Vinfotech, our philosophy for enterprise social media platforms is to get things done. One of the most important aspects of this is built-in smart reminders to notify you of things that you need to prioritize.

Benefit: Tasks are completed on time and this becomes an organization-wide practice. It’s like your own social business software that works at your beck and call.

Automatic reminders - Enterprise Social Networking Software by Vinfotech
Inbox zero

Who says “Inbox Zero” is a myth? We have designed some very smart tools for your company social network to ensure you can manage your internal communication like never before.

Benefit: Improve personal productivity by several notches and deal with only the required pieces of information on a social enterprise software.

Efficient Internal Communication - Enterprise Social Networking Software by Vinfotech
Excellent team engagement

It provides multiple opportunities for teams to collaborate with experts, and results in a superior team engagement.

Benefit: When employees contribute ideas and throw possibilities over a structured platform, it widens the possibilities of innovation within the enterprise. Your enterprise social network becomes a pool of research and innovation.

Excellent Employee Engagement - Enterprise Social Networking Software by Vinfotech
Get ideas from every employee

We are on a mission to accelerate innovation within the enterprise. With the help of social collaboration, your enterprise would be geared to get ideas from frontline employees and particularly the millennials.

Benefit: Businesses today fear that if they don’t innovate they will die. Involving the workforce meaningfully would provide organizations in getting a peak into the minds of its most savvy people and help build effective and new business models.

Get Ideas - Enterprise Social Networking Software by Vinfotech
Why Vinfotech for employee social network?

Supporting you beyond development

We will help you ensure that the solution is implemented and being used by your team on a day-to-day basis. We will go that extra mile to understand your users and see that their needs are addressed.


Don’t pay per user

Till now you’ve been paying for business social network software based on the number of users you have. We don’t believe a company should be penalized like that and at Vinfotech, we’ve simplified the billing based on actual usage.



Vinfotech consults organizations to improve collaboration & innovation. We would work closely with your IT team to understand your organizational needs and develop a social network that suits your business.

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