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How a seamless collaborative platform maximises productivity?
WorkHigh - Collaborative Communication Tool

Work High is the brainchild of Team Vinfotech that believes in building gorgeous user-friendly applications faster. In 2015, we felt we needed an internal collaboration platform to further add to productivity so we could save more time and energy and put to it for the benefit of our clients. We could have easily bought such a platform and applied it to our organization. Instead, we decided to build it in-house so we could build a stronger foundation for customizing collaborative platforms for our clients in future. Thus was born Work High.

An application that


20-25% of productivity


40% of communication time

Our approach


We did a lot of introspection before searching outside. We found that we could save more time and energy than we were. That’s because Team Vinfotech was focused towards building applications that would positively improve the lives of end-users. We wanted to use every minute of any extra time saved towards design research and thinking.

Our discovery

We discovered that organizations lost more than 80% of their knowledge to unproductive communication. This directly contributed to at least 10% in the loss of sales. A survey revealed that high-skill knowledge workers spend 28% of their workweek managing e-mail. Office workers are interrupted roughly every three minutes and once interrupted it can take 23 minutes for a worker to return to the original task. Based on this research, we created user personas, organizational goals and measurements on productivity.

User Stories

I want to communicate with my colleagues on one platform without having to search for relevant files and documents.

I want to quickly know what kind of files/documents/dialogues are being exchanged among my team members in my department.

I want to have access to all the documents, files and dialogues being exchanged between people in all departments.

I want to keep a record of training documents and sales records at one place for future reference.

I want to save time in organizing and coordinating meetings.

I want to discourage any oral communication and bring about complete transparency in day-to-day working and productivity.

What did we do?

We conducted a productivity test of each department in our organization, measuring communication, knowledge-sharing and overall productivity. We also studied various models of collaborative platforms in order to get the right kind of leads towards shortlisting features.


Market research

Our market research focused on studying competitors and enterprises of our size. We compared their successes and projects with ours to understand if we needed such a platform at all for better performance. While Team Vinfotech fared well compared to competitors in terms of project performances, we still found gaps that needed to be filled.

Engaging with users

We created user personas in two ways: user personas inside Team Vinfotech offices and user personas of a few US and UK-based enterprises. We did this through one-on-one interactions with our employees and surveys on enterprises abroad.

Business assessment document

After measuring the productivity lost in lack of communication and records, we created a comprehensive document enlisting features that the platform would have in order to save time, money and energy within the organization.

Creative development workshop

We conducted two video conferencing sessions between a group of people from Team Vinfotech and the employees of a US-based enterprise. This was followed by another group from Vinfotech and the employees of a UK-based enterprise. We let both these two groups interact for a period of 90 minutes each. We then collected the list of challenges that the groups had communicated, which affected communication and productivity.


As we prepared a few wireframes, we considered several collaborative platforms for competitor comparison. Though our goal was to prepare a comprehensive collaborative platform for ourselves, we kept a long-term perspective and created wireframes that would have global appeal.

User interface design

Based on the inputs given by our users along with the user personas and best and worst case scenarios, our developers got busy designing an interface that was most friendly.

Front-end development

We were conscious that the application should be so efficient as to avoid reworks, wastage of knowledge and loss of information. Our front-end development focused on these key parameters.


Since we had done the initial testing with users, our developers confidently built the collaboration platform called Work High.


After the beta version, we launched the final version which is now being in use inside Team Vinfotech. It is also now a solid foundation for building and customizing collaboration platforms for our clients.

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