BETSPERTS partners with Vinfotech to create a unique sports betting solution.

Vinfotech, with its genuine care and quality working culture, made it a simple choice for the BETSPERTS team.

BETSPERTS is a unique and wonderful platform for the sports bettors to build their profile and brag about their betting skills in the sport of their choice. Be it a collegiate sport or a national one, the users can always get back to the experts’ opinion that is readily available at BETSPERTS. The users can pick the betting type (Money line, Total (over/under), Parlays, Teasers, etc.) of their choice and also refer to the return on investment (ROI) for what they chose in the past.

The platform went live for the first in December 2018, and it received a grand welcome by the sports enthusiasts especially for the crowdsourcing of expert views in sports betting. The users are actively following the betting experts to analyze and choose their picks wisely. The BETSPERTS team is now planning to continue their partnership with Vinfotech for the second phase of development in order to facilitate more interesting features for the users.

Referring to the working culture at Vinfotech, Sam, Partner of BETSPERTS said “For us, what stood out with Vinfotech was their genuine care and attention to the finest details we shared with them. And this has been their way of working even today. We are so unbelievably grateful for everything they have done for us and everything they will continue to do for us. It’s a no-brainer to figure out why we chose to continue our partnership with Vinfotech.”

“We knew BETSPERTS would be a great success right from the day the team narrated the concept. We were determined to give in everything it takes to ensure that the idea Reid envisioned is translated into a perfect web and mobile platform. It’s indeed a pleasure to work with BETSPERTS team and we are glad our relationship is growing further!” said Akshay Jain, CEO of Vinfotech.

  • BETSPERTS became the 11th most downloaded sports and 27th overall app in the iOS store
  • BETSPERTS won the Top New Venture competition vs 39 other companies
  • A significant immediate revenue

About Vinfotech

Vinfotech is the emerging leader in the sports betting industry delivering unique and sports betting software. Our expertise in facilitating multiple betting choices, starting from money line to parlays & teasers, besides captivating user-engagement strategies makes us the preferred technology partner in this industry segment.

Are you looking for someone who can share your vision in the sports industry and transform it into reality? We are here to help you! Give us a call .

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