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The journey of Virtual Physical Therapists

Aideen Turner, Founder & CEO of Virtual Physical Therapists, wanted to solve the problem of long wait times associated with physical therapy sessions. She wanted to build a solution that would be able to provide patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders, easy access to specialized clinicians from the comfort of their homes.

Aideen Turner asked Vinfotech

How can we develop a platform that enables physical therapists to diagnose ailments without actually being in the same room as the patient?

From the outset, we know that to solve this problem we would have to completely reimagine the way traditional physical therapy sessions take place. We analysed the different processes used by therapists to diagnose and treat patient ailments and conceived workflows that enabled the execution of the same processes in a contactless manner. Also, it was important to keep these workflows simple for easy adoption, while meeting all HIPAA requirements.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • How can specialists consult patients without meeting them in person?

  • Create a cross platform solution that provides video consultation capabilities, enabling physical therapists to evaluate and treat patients with musculoskeletal injuries.

  • How can up-to-date patient information be obtained without traditional patient in-take forms?

  • Provide interactive forms during appointment booking that help treating therapists develop an accurate picture of a patient’s ailments.

  • How can the process of creating post-consultation treatment plans be expedited to save time for clinicians?

  • Create a library of videos, from which the clinician can simply select the relevant ones and send them to the patient.

User Stories

As a user in severe discomfort, I want to avoid long waiting lines when I go to see my therapist.

As a clinician, I want to be able to easily manage my working schedule and appointments on the go.

I am in charge of my patients, I want to be able to capture the progress and improvements made by them.

As a therapist, I want to be able to track the symptoms and pain points of my patients.

I want to really ensure my patients are informed and comfortable with their treatment plans.

What we did that worked!

Team Vinfotech developed three sides of the application: a simple portal for patients from where they can search therapists, book appointments and conduct video consultations; a practitioners portal for managing schedules and appointments; an admin portal for managing users and coordinating payments.

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Market Research

Our market research enabled us to delve deeper into telehealth and the features around it that would be needed to conduct virtual consultations.

Engaging with users

We consulted physiotherapists to understand the general process followed while evaluating patients. Their insights into various medical conditions and critical data points for evaluation were vital in helping us ensure our solution was relevant and conformed with real world physiotherapy workflows.

Business assessment document

We prepared a BA document that outlined the needs of the user and identified the features and contactless care workflows needed to successfully facilitate consultations online.


Keeping our analysis and findings in mind, we created a set of wireframes which mimicked the flow of the entire application. We went through a few iterations incorporating certain feedback and improvements from Aideen and her team, before finalizing the wireframes.

UI design

At one end, the application was to be used by physiotherapists juggling multiple patients in a day, while on the other end it was to be used by patients who would most likely be suffering from some ailment. We realised that the users were likely to be agitated and in a hurry whenever they would be using the application. It was crucial for us to provide a frictionless experience in addition to it being simple and intuitive.


We divided the scope of the project in different milestones and set a project timeline. At the end of each timeline we presented the implemented functionality to the client and sought their feedback.


We tested our application in multiple stages. We started with unit testing and worked our way up to component and integration testing as new features were developed. Once the development cycle was complete we performed full system testing before finally launching the solution.

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