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The journey of vFantasy

Fantasy sports is now $7 billion industry. And just when you feel there’s a saturation, a completely new idea surprises everyone. When Vinfotech decided to enter the fantasy sports app development industry six years ago, we had no other ambition but to lead. We wished to create an exceptional technology infrastructure that would allow us to create any kind of fantasy sports platform that could exist. We wanted to make every fantasy sports business wildly successful.

vFantasy™ is a season-long/daily fantasy sports software built after investing over 25,000+ hours into the development of the platform.

Team Vinfotech attempted to answer a big question:

How will Team Vinfotech become world’s number#1 fantasy sports app developer?

Team Vinfotech dwelt into the root of this challenge from all possible perspectives, putting in 25,000 hours of failing, succeeding and getting back on. We wanted to test all of our millennial sports fan theories, play with functionality that echoes most with millennial demographic and come up with a framework that would truly solve problems. vFantasy - our season-long/daily fantasy sports software was built from scratch as a cloud platform with focus on 3 pillars – cutting-edge performance; high security; massive scalability.

Fantasy sports platform development challenges & our approaches

  • What innovations can be done in fantasy sports apps where every idea becomes obsolete so fast?

  • We made customization our top feature in building the fantasy sports framework.

  • There’s a plethora of fantasy sports. How can we keep finding interesting ways to make each one of them stand out and yet relate with users?

  • We would make the framework so comprehensive that it would allow us to easily play with functionality and features.

  • There’s so much user data on a fantasy sports platform and I want to be prepared for the volume of increasing users.

  • We would build a highly scalable framework as per the growing needs of the clients.

Client Stories

I am a fantasy sports startup I want to build a revenue-generating daily or season-long fantasy sports app.

I am a sports betting operator, I want to create a powerful, robust and functionally rich fantasy sports betting platform.

I am a media brand, I wish to create a competitive fantasy sports app that helps me increase my audience.

I am a sports league, I want to create an exceptional fan engagement cum fantasy sports platform.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech engaged in brainstorming ideas along with studying world’s best fantasy sports success stories.


Market Research

Conducted a deep study of as many as 400 existing fantasy sports website & mobile applications focussing on various subjects.

Engaging with users

We then studied the user demographics using these apps for various purposes, the features that were more or less popular and the gaps. That helped us visualize the framework we were building.

Business assessment document

We consolidated the finding of entire market research and user engagement results into a high-impact document.

Creative development workshop

We conducted a creative interaction with our clients over a period of time creating user profiles, personas and scenarios, which drastically propelled clarity of work and instilled confidence in our team.


We follow design-thinking methodology to wireframing. After an intense creative development workshop with our team, we accepted and rejected several wireframes. We mixed, matched, added, deleted and combined various elements before finalizing the wireframe.

User interface design

Our designers were constantly given feedback from users and clients apart from being guided by customer relation and brand management consultants within our team.

Front-end development

We prepared a working prototype without database to give the feel of a working model, to check on the application flow.


We developed an entire fantasy sports framework with easy sharing facilities to come to what it is today.


After testing the product first internally, we launched the beta version for users to test.

How Vinfotech can help you with fantasy sports app development?

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