Dermatology Plus

A revolutionary telehealth app unites dermatologists and patients
Telehealth Software Design and Development for Dermatology by Vinfotech

The journey of Dermatology Plus

A noted medical organization from USA working in the field of dermatology felt strongly for the gaps in the way patients (or clients in some cases) connected with dermatologists. The company was confident that if patients consulted dermatologists faster, it led to faster recovery or treatment. And this could be ensured only virtually especially for remote patients. They contacted Vinfotech for a complete customized telehealth solution where people could easily fix an appointment and meet with a dermatologist without being physically present.

The client asked Vinfotech:

How can we build trust on a dermatology-focused telemedicine application?

Team Vinfotech knew exactly what the concern of the client was since we knew that unless there was a strict enforcement of compliances and controls in the application, patients in the US wouldn’t consider it an effective telemedicine app. While HIPAA compliance was a given when building the application, our team ensured a methodical system of controls along with a feedback system for quality, among other features.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • We want a telemedicine application with appointment scheduling, along with follow up care for patients after the appointment.

  • Our custom telehealth software features such as assessment parameters, schedule management, alerts, access to videos and resources etc. would make the app complete.

  • Apart from the look and feel of app, is there a way to ensure that only certified dermatologists could register in the app?

  • There would be sufficient admin controls where the admin can do a background check of the specialist, can limit the access for any user and verify the specialist at any time.

  • Dermatology requires the doctor to demonstrate skin care routines or see the chart etc. Will the telemedicine app accommodate all these things seamlessly?

  • The app would have body mapping and teleconferencing features to enable easy demonstrations.

User Stories

I want to easily find dermatologists in my state and other states on one application

I want to book video visits of dermatologists on my mobile phone

As a dermatologist, I want to be able to schedule my appointments without hassles

As a dermatologist, I want to share some useful videos with my patients and explain to them

What we did that worked?

While studying the user demographics, we prepared two sides of the application: a simple location-based mobile application for patients to search dermatologists in their area and other states and a customized web application for the admin to connect patients with dermatologists. We built a complete HIPAA-compliant application that would easily win the trust of both the demographics.


Market Research

Our market research led us to various insights. One major insight was that the patients should be able to search dermatologists based not only as per schedule but also on demand.

Engaging with users

We got a few American user volunteers on board – we interacted with patients having expert skin care needs along with practicing dermatologists who were looking for an exclusive custom telehealth application. Their feedback led us to improve the app immensely.

Business assessment document

The research and user interaction led us to consolidate the goals of three stakeholders: the admin, the dermatologists, and patients.  Our comprehensive document detailed benefits.

Creative development workshop

where – a) We invited Team Vinfotech – from healthcare IT strategists to design watchdogs to developers for a joint activity with the client to get on the same page about the application. b) The joint activity led us to create some real-life scenarios, worst-case scenarios and dermatology needs that might trigger application downloads and usage


Our wireframing didn’t take long and we presented the client with five wireframes where they had complete freedom to choose, customize features and functionality. The combination they gave us excited our developers.

UI design

Two of the crucial aspects of our application design were - 1] the app must allow patients to consult with their chosen physician using secure and good quality streaming video easily on phone. 2] Customized HIPAA-compliant app that would ensure security of patient information keeping both the parties - the user and the doctor in closed loop.

Front-end development

While doing the client side development, we sent a working prototype to the client for review.


Even during development stage, our developers constantly kept in touch with users. Not all inputs were practical but nearly all of them were productive at this stage.


We handed over the customized telehealth solution to the most skeptical people in our staff and a few dermatologists in the US for testing. Their valuable feedback gave us the confidence to launch it.

Telehealth Website & App for Dermatology – Efficient Diagnosis by Vinfotech

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