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The Journey of Road Trippers Club

Team RTC came to Vinfotech with a real-world problem. It is very difficult to find a group of travelers for car or bike road trips. The travelling community in India is active but mostly unorganized. RTC was to be a platform for connecting road trip enthusiasts. The team dreamed of building a platform where families, friends, acquaintances and like-minded people could take part in road trips. It was to be a way to unite like- minded road trippers.

RTC’s big question:

How will RTC stand out in a plethora of social networking options?

We had no doubt that travelers and more specifically road trippers are a cult community. If there was a niche platform available catering to their specific interest, they would flock to it. Yet, we focused on building a friendly-looking and welcoming community. And sure enough, the massive initial registrations proved that we were right.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • We want only experienced teams trained for social network development, to work on this project.

  • We have an experience of more than eight years ahead of us in building niche customer-oriented social networks, so you may rest assured.

  • The platform should have an excellent system of database and analytics about users.

  • We have a team of experienced custom social network developers whow know how to use the most productive data and analytics tools for the platform.

  • The application should be at par with such public networking platforms, in terms of ease of use and navigation.

  • We will ensure a great UI and UX along with deeper user engagement.

User Stories

I want to know if there’s a social media group that’s dedicated to road trips.

I am a road-tripper and want to know how do other road trippers carry their pets in trips.

I am a road-tripper and want to know how do other road trippers carry their pets in trips. I am a road trip enthusiast and I am looking to connect with like-minded people on an online platform.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech created a beautiful and engaging networking platform for road trip enthusiasts who were more than willing to share trips and experiences along with helping each other on an online platform.


Market research

We compared niche social networking platforms in India that were offering something to a specific audience. This led to us to our comprehensive plan involving clients’ ideas, thoughts and motivations along with the actual needs.

Engaging with users

We made a comprehensive list of the kind of stakeholders the RTC team was looking at for engaged on its platform. We studied profiles of road trip enthusiasts and interviewed a few.

Business assessment document

We created an assessment document in order to keep better accountability for the completion of the RTC project.

Creative workshop with client

We held a workshop with the RTC team in person and virtually several times towards understanding the scope of the project. Our teams interacted with them one-on-one for deeper understanding. We were delighted to know that this platform was a way to connect a strong road-tripping community.


Road Trippers Club was a platform meant to connect people interested in sharing and taking road trips around India. We put our heart and soul into creating wireframes that would give the client complete confidence in RTC app.

User interface design

Our team was now more confident and clear to move ahead with designs. We experimented with the most subtle yet beautiful designs and user interfaces. Our design process went on without obstruction.

Front-end development

Our team conducted a thorough quality analysis for road trippers’ experience along with working on various aspects of the social network platform. RTC team was kept constantly in the loop for more transparency.


 We follow design-thinking methodology of design and development. So our developers had users in mind constantly. They also interacted freely with RTC team through our project manager.


We got the beta version ready within a few weeks after which the final website was launched.

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