How we re-imagined the checkout flow of Snapdeal?
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India’s leading e-commerce player Snapdeal has a $6.5 billion valuation. When they approached us for a make-over project, it was fall 2015 – a time that was to see some exceptional numbers in the Indian e-commerce shopping landscape. One, Snapdeal was aggressively taking on its competitors by its quality delivery, genuine deals and smart advertising. Two, they wanted their shoppers to reach a level of experience that would match with their brand as a customer-centric e-commerce player. Team Vinfotech took the challenge of transforming the buying experience in a way that the buyers would feel a strong sense of consistency each time they logged on to the website.

Goals accomplished for Snapdeal


buyer stress


buyer relationships


buying experience

What did re-imagination mean to us?
Reduce buyer stress at all costs

Our goal was to delight the buyers at every stage of the checkout and payment processes. Our scheme of things was as follows:

  • We did a makeover of the overall checkout interface to aid ease.
  • A full-page shopping cart helped buyers see the larger picture.
  • Single-page checkout flow removed any room for confusion.
  • We turned the payment page clutter-free.
  • Integrated ‘Change Seller’ option to handle inventory sold-out problem.
  • We handled serviceability issues on Payments Page.  We made the user enter pincode first displaying how many items from his cart can be or cannot be delivered.
  • Buyers would be shown ‘Change Seller’ option with a list of sellers who can deliver for that pincode.
  • We enhanced shopping cart page with hovers on.
Prompt relationships, not only transactions

We worked beyond feature additions on the checkout page and created prompts in order to make buyers feel motivated to return to Snapdeal.

  • We added individual ‘Gift Wrap’ feature. Buyers may want to gift-wrap only a few items from his cart, so gift wrap option was made available against each product and hence new gift wrapping price (gift wrap price x number of items) could be added.
  • We integrated a single-click address selection, addition, editing and deleting
  • We ensured there was no distraction to buyers after they clicked MAKE PAYMENTS.
Personalize buyer experience

Our final goal was to make buyers feel like each of their actions on Snapdeal shopping is important and may become crucial for future buying. Here’s what we did:

  • Added ‘Removed Items’ section so buyers wouldn’t need to remember.
  • Added ‘Snapdeal suggests’ section prompting cross-selling and up-selling for Snapdeal and for a more personalized analytics for buyers.
User Stories

While placing an order, I want the process to be simple and smart.

Is it possible to know which items I had seen the last time I visited the website?

I cannot recall the exact brand I had selected during my last visit to the website.

I don’t want to lose out on good products at the stage of check-out process due to selling out.

How did we do it?

Team Vinfotech determined to act on its previously conducted gap analysis while keeping the design aesthetics and principles in mind. We actively collaborated with Team Snapdeal, taking regular feedbacks while constantly asking our employees to give us users’ point of views.


Market research

Team Vinfotech studied more than 100 websites to check and compare the various checkout processes existing around the world. We validated our findings with our own design logics to fully fathom the needs of the users.

Engaging with users

Since most of our team in India was familiar with shopping on Snapdeal, it really helped us see how we could make the shopping experience all the more flawless. Most of the users felt that they wanted to have a wonderful interface even while checking out and making payments on the e-commerce site.

Business assessment document

We created a comprehensive document in order to sketch the roadmap of the interface design, outlining gaps and suggestions. This brought in a lot of clarity among both the teams and helped us understand each other’s thought processes.

Creative workshop with client

where a) Team Vinfotech presented user needs and findings from the market research in front ofTeam Snapdeal along with critiquing the various suggestions. b) We jointly revisited user profiles and checkout scenarios to be able to visualize the challenges.


Team Snapdeal had a free reign in picking up, selecting and rejecting functionality as per their focus areas. We did this in order to come up with a relatable design that would echo with all kinds of buying communities in India.

User interface design

While our developers commanded us to let them get constant feedbacks at the designing stages, our challenge was to bring in the most constructive feedback. We re-imagined the entire checkout interface from the users’ point of view which completely led our design process.

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