Pintrip makes everyone a traveller
Location-Based Travel Tool for Building Itinerary

The journey of Pintrip

Team Pintrip attempted making the process of discovering places and building itineraries simpler than anything else out there and completely visual. The team made Pintrip a self-standing platform that would help generate perfect itineraries for travelers.

Akshay’s big question:

Can we build a ridiculously easy tool that answers the question- where should I go for a holiday?

Team Vinfotech led by Akshay Jain is a bunch of travel geeks that got busy in redefining how people plan their travel holidays. They conceived a platform that was hyper personalized, data-driven, intuitive enough to improve with each use and throws smart travel recommendations.

Travelers’ challenges & our solutions

  • I don’t want to spend hours reading various travel blogs to understand time period, places of stay, places of interest etc.

  • We offer a tool that’s completely data-driven and provides suggestions that are personalized.

  • I need to refer to at least 10 odd different websites to cross-check the authenticity of information according to my interest and book it.
  • This is an independent tool that provides only the most relevant information, curates itineraries for you and recommends you the right kind of places as per your interest.

  • Apart from photos, I also want to see how exactly my route map would look like.

  • Pintrip is a visual itinerary builder where you get a route map by default.

User Stories

I want to travel but I am clueless where to begin my research about places to go.

I am a mix of touristy and offbeat traveler and I wish there was a tool that would combine both my interests under one platform.

I want to add a travel widget on my travel blog to share with my actual itineraries with my readers.

I want to promote my tourism website through a smart travel widget on my portal.

What did we do?

Vinfotech conceived, planned, designed and developed a smart itinerary builder that reduced the travel planning time from 20 hours to straight 5 minutes.


Market research

We researched all the travel tools available in India and outside to study what they were targeting and what was missing in the market. We collected thousands of travel blogs to ensure that we weren’t missing out on what’s trending in India.

Engaging with users

Apart from talking to avid travelers within the team, we also contacted various friends who were full and part-time travelers to understand the actual needs.

Business assessment document

Internally, we consolidated finding of entire market research and engagements with users into a high impact document as a guide for the entire project.

Creative development workshop

We brainstormed on a weekly basis about the database of places, things to be added in the app, navigation changes and so on.


We follow design-thinking methodology to wireframing. After a creative development workshop, we came up with 7-8 wireframes. Akshay then sat with the team to mix- match-add-delete-combine in order to finalize a perfect wireframe.

User interface design

We moved back and forth between our designers and their team to accommodate all that was important to conclude on one perfect design. We also kept a few users in the loop to see how the app was performing so far in terms of addressing their travel woes.

Front-end development

A working prototype without user database was prepared to give feel of a working model, to check on the application flow.


We developed an application that would have itinerary building at the heart of its overall appeal and that would be super easy to use. At the same time, we added a travel itinerary widget for travel bloggers and websites so they can easily add value to their readers.


Tested the product first internally. Launched the beta version for users to test. Incorporated users’ feedback and launched the next version.

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