Photosharing gets the coolest twist in its lifetime with Memoirs
Photo Sharing Social Network App Design in USA

The journey Memoirs

Memoirs founder Damon Gordon is pursuing his defense studies in the USA but he is an entrepreneur at heart. He saw a practical challenge for several of his friends who wished to store and share their oldest memories such as events from childhood, school and college. This demographic didn’t want to use popular platforms such as Instagram or Tumblr for the same. He felt this was a great market where interesting content would be uploaded and shared within a niche community. He chose Vinfotech as development partners. We worked like his technology team who not only helped develop the solution but also provided consulting as to what’s best for his product.

Founder Damon Gordon’s big question:

How will a photo sharing social network app stand out in a crowded market?

Team Vinfotech conceived an addictive and unique looking social network mobile application for iPhone after thoroughly researching and studying the demographic interested in having separate social networks for personal photographs. We gave it a look of a digital journal for sharing memorable moments.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • There’s a plethora of photo sharing apps, I want this app to stand out.

  • We have a variety of unusual concepts for social network apps and we can definitely make it distinct through some of its unique features.

  • Users should not get a feel of a usual social network; they should feel it’s a world built only for them.

  • Right from choosing the colors to design and development of UI and UX, we will create a complete solution echoing the distinct personality of the users.

  • I want an extremely intuitive app that would truly evolve with the users’ preferences.

  • We will develop a complete iPhone application that would keep the users coming back to it.

User Stories

I want an app that helps me store and share my private photos safely.

I want a photo sharing app that’s more convenient and smarter than Instagram.

I want to be able to showcase my memories through photograph on an easy app.

I want to interact with my friends on a photo sharing app.

What did we do?

Vinfotech helped plan, design and develop a social network application where various kinds of users could upload visual content and share.


Market research

Conducted a deep study of various existing social media apps focusing on photo sharing from around the world.

Engaging with users

We then studied chunks of demographics using these social media apps for various purposes, the features that were more or less popular and the gaps.

Business assessment document

We consolidated the finding of entire market research and user engagement into a high-impact document.

Creative development workshop

We engaged into a creative workshop with the client creating user profiles, personas and scenarios, which drastically propelled clarity of work and instilled confidence in both the teams.


We follow design-thinking methodology to wireframing. After an intense creative development workshop, we presented quick 7-8 wireframes to Gordon. He had the freedom to mix- match-add-delete-combine so we could finalize a wireframe that would work best for the app.

User interface design

We moved back and forth between our designers and team Memoirs to accommodate all that was important to conclude on one perfect design. We involved users to test final designs to check on its appropriateness, ease of use and overall appeal.

Front-end development

A working prototype without database was prepared to give the feel of a working model, to check on the application flow.


We developed an entire photo sharing social network app with easy sharing facilities to come to what it is today.


Tested the iPhone app first internally. Launched the beta version for users to test. Incorporated users’ feedback and launched the next version.

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