Gifted Parents

Gifted Parents gives voice to an under-appreciated community
Niche social media app for parents

The journey of Gifted Parents

Gifted Parents founder Elijah Bach challenged us to create a global network of parents who would share three cornerstones of success – passion, information and resources. Team Vinfotech attempted the project with this sensitivity that was later interpreted in the layout and interaction of the app with the users.

Founder Elijah Bach wished to create an active global community of parents who are passionate about imparting the right kind of cultural exposure and education to their children. He envisioned a trusted community where parents could connect globally and leverage from each other’s experiences and cultures on a common platform through various means and ideas.

Founder Elijah Bach’s big question:

Is it possible to connect like-minded parents on a global network for common interaction?

Team Vinfotech carefully considered Elijah’s vision while creating an application that would give out a pleasant and confident feeling among users.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • I want a team that would understand that it’s not just a social network app but a global network of sensitive and aware parents.

  • We would successfully engage this demographic and build it with the user sensitivity and provide guidance in the process.
  • Parents and mentors must quickly gain trust through the way they interact with the application.

  • Right from choosing the colours to design and development, we would ensure that each touchpoint of the users is addressed.

  • I don’t really wish to have a usual website development process but need a complete solution for better social interaction.

  • We will be your extended team and provide active consultation for the solution.

User Stories

I want to share experiences with other parents about my child’s education and upbringing.

I want to have easy access to expert opinion and perspectives about children, their education, psychology etc.

I want to explore various ideas and means of creating a great learning environment for my child.

How can I connect with peers and families who wish to inculcate some human values among their children?

What did we do?

Vinfotech helped plan, design and develop a parents’ community platform where members could easily interact with each other, organize and attend webinars and events, ask questions with experts in a trusted environment.


Market research

We combined Elijah’s personal research and experience along with ours in order to find out ways for making Gifted Parents a trustworthy and active community

Engaging with users

We internally created samples of varied stakeholders such as parents of all age groups, children of all age groups, PHD scholars and experts. By speaking to and observing these members, we gathered unanticipated insights about how passionate some parents are about giving the right kind learning environment to their children.

Business assessment document

Internally, we consolidated finding of entire market research and engagements with users into a high impact document as a guide for the entire project.

Creative development workshop

As we engaged into a creative workshop with the client, we created user profiles, personas and scenarios, which drastically propelled clarity of work and instilled confidence in both the teams.


We follow design-thinking methodology to wireframing. After a creative development workshop we presented quick 7-8 wireframes. Team Gifted Parents had freedom to mix- match-add-delete-combine to quickly lead to their perfect wireframe.

User interface design

We moved back and forth between our designers and their team to accommodate all that was important to conclude on one perfect design. We involved a few parents to interact with final designs to check on the appropriateness, the language of design and the ease of use.

Front-end development

A working prototype without database was prepared to give feel of a working model, to check on the application flow.


We developed an application that would have parent interaction at the heart of its overall appeal with easy sharing facilities.


Tested the product first internally. Launched the beta version for users to test. Incorporated users’ feedback and launched the next version.

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