When a savvy community got a unique fashion social network
Fashion Social Network Development


fashion bloggers within a month of launch


celebrity labels clipped, liked and bought

"Vinfotech, as a UX driven company, provides support every startup should have when bringing their product to market."

James Chang
Co-founder of Frenzy

The journey of Frenzy

James Chang, Co-founder Frenzy, approached us with a tall order. He dreamed of a fashion-aware community who would have access to buy a Dior design showcased in Paris Couture week or Princess Kate Middleton outfit, from anywhere in the world. He sought a savvy team that would build him a visually appealing platform to unite fashion writers, snobs, fashion brands and consumers.

James Chang’s big question

Is it possible to embed product tagging and buying right on the fashion blogs on a website?

We knew the answer to this question but we didn’t want to add this feature without fully understanding what the users really wanted and how they wanted it. We devoured hundreds of fashion blogs, reviews, reports of fashion labels, coutures, designers and stores to understand the demographic. Our market research and user psychology study led us to conclude that Frenzy was to fulfill the inherent need of the fashion demographic – the need to ape the exact styles of favourite celebrities.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • There are too many e-commerce fashion portals, we need to stand out.

  • We will create a unique social platform enabling online shopping instead of creating an e-commerce website.

  • We are apprehensive about social platforms in terms of adding users.

  • We will add a social layer to this platform where users would be inspired to shop right from the fashion content they read.

  • We want all of our users to feel connected with the community.

  • We will segregate the entire fashion community into several categories while also making an exhaustive list of the most popular fashion writers and the brands that they use.

  • Is product tagging workable?

  • We can make it workable by embedding it smartly on the platform.

User Stories

As a fashion blogger, I want to post my blogs on a platform of informed community

As a fashion blogger, I want to earn fame and respect for my objective and informed reviews

As a user/reader, I want to stay updated with the in-and-out fashion on a daily basis  so I could update my wardrobe

As a user, I want to be able to buy the things that I read in fashion blogs, reviews or fashion week reports  

As a user, I want to have access to the dress worn by  my favourite celebrity

As a fashion label/designer, I want reviews of my designs, collection on a trusted platform

How did we do it?

Vinfotech helped plan, design and develop a fashion social network by connecting fashion bloggers and labels with fashion consumers. Utilizing our powerful social network framework, we were able to convert celebrity outfit pictures into discoverable and purchasable products.


Market Research

While studying American fashion industry, we found common grounds to unite fashion users onto one platform. This became the foundation of both the consulting and development stages.

Engaging with Users

We categorized the fashion community into fashion bloggers, consumers, fashion designers, global labels and brands, upclass fashion snobs, wannabe fashion writers and so on. Our samples from actual fashion writers and enthusiasts helped us understand the two crucial aspects needed for Frenzy – aspiration fashion and informed fashion.

Business Assessment Document

Consolidated finding of entire market research and engagements with fashion bloggers and consumers into a high impact document.

Creative Development Workshop

People from various backgrounds like marketing, sales, design, technology and operations participated from our end with team Frenzy. The discussions led to creation of user profiles, personas and scenarios, which drastically propelled clarity of respective work to everyone.


We follow Design-Thinking methodology to Wireframing. After an intense creative development workshop we presented quick 7-8 wireframes. Team Frenzy had freedom to mix- match-add-delete-combine to quickly lead to their perfect wireframe.

User Interface Design

We moved back and forth between our designers and team Frenzy to accommodate all that was important to conclude on one perfect design. We involved a few bloggers and users to test final designs to check on its appropriateness, ease of use and overall appeal.

Front-end Development

A working prototype without database was prepared to give the feel of a working model, to check on the application flow.


In no time we got into the development phase, giving final touches to the product.


Tested the product first internally. Launched Beta Version for users to test. Incorporated users’ feedback and launched the next version.

Fashion Social Network Development

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