A loyalty-driven cricket adventure that has redefined the way users engage with fantasy sports

Developed by Vinfotech for Jaya and Deepak Chahar (Indian International Cricketer), Trade Fantasy Game introduces a groundbreaking concept that not only engages cricket enthusiasts but also rewards them for their loyalty towards the players they choose in their lineup

Sports fantasy platform for Indian’s biggest mobile platform

The Challenge

Creating a fantasy sports platform that differentiates itself in a crowded market was a significant challenge. Jaya and Deepak Chahar envisioned a game that would not merely rely on traditional fantasy points but would also honor the loyalty and trust users place in their chosen players. The challenge was to design a system that not only incentivized player selection but also enhanced the user experience

The Implementation

Vinfotech meticulously designed the Trade Fantasy Game platform to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience. Key implementation elements included:

A user-friendly and intuitive interface for selecting player cards and creating lineups.

Real-time updates on player performances during live matches, keeping users engaged and informed.

A secure and efficient payment system for cash rewards and in-app purchases.

Regular updates and improvements to enhance gameplay and user satisfaction.

Trade Fantasy Game is a testament to the power of innovation and creativity in the world of fantasy sports. By rewarding users for their loyalty towards players and introducing the concept of player card upgrades, Vinfotech and the JCDC team have created a unique and engaging platform that resonates with cricket enthusiasts. The platform's success demonstrates that in the competitive landscape of fantasy sports, there is always room for innovation and user-centric design.

“Overall, the ability to track our conversions was the biggest advantage, shortly followed by the improved user experience and the site’s aesthetic improvement”

Jaya Chahar, Entrepreneur - Trade Fantasy Game

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