Streetfight simplifies stock market on a fun fantasy platform
Streetfight – A fantasy stock market software developed by Vinfotech

The Journey of Streetfight

Don Milley is from Philadelphia, East coast of USA and the author of a high-volume ecommerce book published by McGraw Hill (2001). He comes with 15+ years of experience in building traditional and e-businesses (mobile apps, browser-games, social networks, and ecommerce). He approached Vinfotech with a clear goal. He wanted to gamify New York Stock market on a fantasy sports platform. We were thrilled by the idea.

Don Milley’s big question:

How can we build a successful fantasy stock market game that would attract players?

Team Vinfotech showed a few concepts to Milley apart from its own portfolio. He soon became confident that a fantasy stock market software would easily attract users. We offered a variety of interesting features apart from creating stunning designs. His vision was to create this platform so laymen could understand the dealings in stock market. Therefore, we created easy and simple game plays so anyone with or without any background in stock market could start playing on Streetfight.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • American demographic is already playing several sports-based fantasy games. I want to build an exciting fantasy game based on stock market.

  • We have built fantasy games around American politics earlier and it was well received by the users. We can create an exciting fantasy stock market software.

  • I want to ensure that users keep returning on this platform after playing on it once.

  • Apart from creating exciting game plays and stunning UI, we would help you get initial set of users for the platform.

  • I want a platform that would be easy to play.

  • We would do traditional fantasy sports app development around New York stock exchange that is easy to understand and play.

User Stories

I want to understand how stock market works in a gamified environment where I would not need to read a lot in order to play.

I want to become a professional stock market expert but I have no education in the field.

I want a platform where I can increase my knowledge of stock market.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech aimed at building a balanced platform where beginners could also compete with professional fantasy game players. We wanted to create a platform for all kinds of users interested even remotely in stock market.


Market Research

We built upon our decade-long understanding of fantasy sports solutions and application development apart from researching local market

Engaging with users

We created user profiles from various groups of American stock market enthusiasts along with laymen This helped us short-list the features that we were to incorporate in Streetfight.

Business assessment document

An internal document was created in order to consolidate our findings and accommodate the vision of the web application.

Creative workshop with client

We began with active interactions with Don Milley for a deeper understanding of his goals and his specific expectations. We learnt from each other’s areas of knowledge in the field and incorporated those learnings into the application.


Streetfight was focused on American users and since we have built several platforms for this demographic, we quickly created wireframes. We got the feedback soon enough to get us started quickly.

UI design

As always we kept in mind the two vital aspects of our design process. One, our UI had to look stunning easy to use and navigate. Two, the design must evoke trust right from the first sight.

Front-end development

Our fantasy sports framework helped us to speed-up the development of Streetfight. We did quality analysis for user experience along with working on various aspects of the fantasy stock market software.


We gave our developers feedback of some initial users who had tested the stock market fantasy application at a very early stage. This helped us correct anomalies.


We soon launched the beta version so the client could prepare for the launch of the platform.

Streetfight fantasy stock market software designed by Vinfotech

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