Star league

Star league brings 7 majorsoccer leagues on a fantasy sports app
Season Long Fantasy Soccer Web Design Qatar by Vinfotech

The Journey of Star league

Khalid Al Kubaisi and Khalifa are cyber security professionals based out of Qatar. They have deep knowledge of internet users and how it can be channelized onto a good online product. They also knew how much people in the Middle East and around the world are playing fantasy sports. They came to Vinfotech with an idea of a season long fantasy soccer platform that would integrate seven major soccer leagues. Star league became that and much more.

Star league founders' big question:

Can a single season-long fantasy soccer platform easily have 7 leagues?

Our team was happy to receive extremely specific requirements from Mr Kubaisi and Mr Khalifa. And so when we set off to answer their question, we knew we would get to play with the most amazing features of vFantasy – our fantasy sports software. This would also add another challenge for us to play with those features that would most engage a large demographic. Afterall, this truly was a varied demographic considering that the clients’ wanted to integrate seven major soccer leagues.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • We want to integrate seven major soccer leagues with season long salary cap type contests. And we wish to build native iOS and Android apps.
  • We will build a multi-league fantasy soccer platform with easy-on-eyes design and interface. We build only native platforms thus your apps would be smooth. Also we would build one team per soccer league and transfers concept for user engagement.

  • We want in-app purchases of stars which are used to enter into contests (Private, Public).

  • This will be very easy to integrate from our development end. We will create user engagement type contest that can be made for private or public type audience.

  • There should be special contests Group challenges, H2H challenges and Challenge which has elimination type functionality.

  • Our fantasy sports framework would not only enable us to develop these but also would help us to deliver faster.

User Stories

I want to try out various fantasy soccer leagues at one place. If there are tips and tricks for the same, it would be awesome.

I want to compete with other users with deep knowledge of soccer – be it English Premier League or La Liga. So I want options that would enable this kind of competition.

I want to join or leave a league with classic scoring at any point during the season.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech aimed at creating a rewarding and exciting season-long fantasy soccer platform for users around the world but especially keeping in mind the users in the Middle East. We had vFantasy- the fantasy sports framework and our seven-year-long industry experience as we shortlisted the set of schemes needed for developing such a challenging application.


Market Research

We compared a few demographics and markets because Middle Eastern market doesn’t work in the same way as the Western market does. Then we got on to studying European users. We planned the project involving clients’ ideas, thoughts and motivations so we could bring their vision to fruition.

Engaging with users

Our user demographic profiles spanned across Middle East and rest of Asia along with a few European countries. We conducted several online surveys to see what people prefer in fantasy sports. We compared these with our older user demographic surveys just to see the changes in the patterns of preferences.

Business assessment document

We created an assessment document that we would use to refer and go back to whenever needed.

Creative workshop with client

We invited the clients over to our office in order to understand the various needs and requirements. Our teams interacted with them personally for better understanding.


Star league was combining seven soccer leagues so we focused into creating wireframes that would give the client complete confidence in the app.

UI design

Now our team was clear about the vision and the user demographic, so we set out to create designs. Our design process went on smoothly most of the time except for a few hiccups.

Front-end development

We conducted a thorough quality analysis for user experience along with working on various aspects of the season-long fantasy soccer software. The clients were constantly in the loop as this was happening.


Our developers have the habit of going back to user stories each time they felt stuck. They also interacted freely with our clients through our project manager.


Soon the beta version was ready and our clients felt we had met their expectations.

How Vinfotech can help you with fantasy sports app development?

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