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The journey of Sportsconn

Michael Thomson is a lawyer who lives at Melbourne, Australia. With his vast experience in sales and business development, he found a large potential in building a social network dedicated to sports. He, along with his partners - Bryan Dobson and Glen Thomas – conceived a social network that would become a go-to platform for sportsmen, fans, sports brands and companies to connect and network.

Sportsconn founders asked Vinfotech

Will a single platform evoke the interest all sport industry stakeholders?

As we embarked on meeting this challenge, we knew that a deep study of the sports demographic was the answer. And sure enough, immediately after our user study, we could quickly validate a real need for a sports social network application that would unite all the stakeholders.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • We want an all encompassing sports social application that would provide a real platform for athletes to showcase skills.

  • We will create a stunning application that would help athletes be found by relevant sports brands and associations on a credible platform.

  • We also wish to build instant trust on Sportsconn as a brand that would attract sports organisations of all levels.

  • We would build a social network application on a solid framework that would allow for interesting features for rewards and building trust.

  • We want a social network that feels as good as it looks apart from providing a great database of athletes and other professional players.

  • We would create a strong database and system of portfolio and profiles without disrupting the UX.

  • How do we ensure player recognition?

  • The sports social network would have features of showcasing, endorsing and sharing about talent. Our advanced search features would allow any sport company to easily search candidates with the help of different filters.

User Stories

I want to share photos, videos and updates related to sports.

I want to showcase and promote all my athletic abilities so sports clubs and associations can find me.

I want to search talented athletes in my area on a platform and be able to communicate with them easily.

I want to spread the word about my sports club/brand on a platform where only sports enthusiasts could be targeted.

What did we do?

Keeping in mind Sportsconn’s targeted demographics and other operational concerns, our Business Analysis team did their research and came up with an exhaustive plan to implement and integrate a high-end customized sports social network platform that would easily unite all the stakeholders of sports industry.


Market research

We first studied Australian sports market and identified gaps that would create the need for a single platform. Our research was further validated with industry statistics and local dynamics. However, we felt the platform would echo well with all kinds of sports enthusiasts around the world, not just Australia.

Engaging with users

Our user demographic profiles spanned across Australia and parts of Europe and the US. We carried out a small online and offline survey of sports enthusiasts along with aspiring sports players and athletes. We also personally talked to various local sports clubs and brands, identifying their needs. This helped us foresee the brand we were building.

Business assessment document

In consolidating our findings and accommodating the vision of the sports social network application, we detailed on various aspects of the app in an internal document.

Creative workshop with client

We started with understanding Michael Thomson’s vision about building the sports social platform and his expectations from the project. Sportsconn partners had a solid plan in place and they were determined to charm sports industry stakeholders. This excited our team.


We had to balance the likes of atleast four categories of stakeholders: athletes, organisations, sports professionals and fans. So we presented customisable options of wireframes and presented before the clients.

UI design

Among other things, on user wall, we decided to provide complete information of athlete users like sport history, experience, skill, education, recommendation etc. Similarly, the walls of the organisations and fans had their own set of relevant features.

Front-end development

Our experience in creating sports social network platforms helped us do the client-side development quickly. We did quality analysis for user experience along with working on various other aspects of the platform. We also provided consultation on getting initial set of users.


Our developers also looped in a few sports fan volunteers along with taking constant inputs from the clients as they engaged into the development of Sportsconn.


Time, as always, was crucial for us and we had to test the beta version early so the client could launch the platform sooner. We launched the beta first and the final immediately after taking some more feedback from potential users.

Sports Social Network For Sports Clubs and Athletes

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