Spartan League offers DFS in cricket and soccer
Spartan league fantasy cricket software developed by Vinfotech


users in the first few weeks

The Journey of Spartan League

Rajeev Kanjani is an entrepreneur from India and wished to create an fantasy sports platform where user can come and play fantasy sports for cricket and soccer. He wondered if two completely different games could be offered on one platform and if that platform could be really successful. Vinfotech had recently finished a project that had both soccer and cricket on one platform. So when Rajeev approached us, we had a very recent hands-on experience of pulling of such a platform quickly and successfully.

Rajeev Kanjani’s big question:

Can a common fantasy sports platform for soccer and cricket attract fans alike?

Team Vinfotech was confident that the two kinds of fantasy sports players can easily be attracted on one platform. We showed Rajeev some of our works and he was delighted to know that we had built quite a few fantasy soccer and cricket platforms individually. He soon gave us a green signal to start off the project.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • While fans of cricket may not be fans of soccer, yet this platform must be able to cater to both the demographics together.

  • The two games need not be similar in order for them to be offered on one platform. We are confident this would easily become a bestseller.

  • I want the users to stick to this platform and feel familiar while playing.

  • We would keep the UX and UI very simple yet appealing along with attractive features to keep them coming.

  • I want that amateurs should also be attracted to play fantasy games on this platform.

  • We would keep a mix of features that would challenge seasoned fantasy sports players along with making the amateurs feel at home.

User Stories

Is there a fantasy sports platform where I can play soccer as well as cricket?

I want to become a professional fantasy soccer player and utilize my knowledge in the games.

I want a platform where I can increase my knowledge of cricket and soccer.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech started the project on a positive note that the platform that combines both soccer and cricket will find takers throughout the year.


Market Research

We built upon our decade-long understanding of fantasy sports application development apart from researching local markets for cricket and soccer.

Engaging with users

We created several user profiles from various groups of Indian enthusiasts. Since Indian market is new, we talked to many users about their needs and requirements for building a more familiar platform.

Business assessment document

We created an internal document to consolidate our findings and accommodate the vision of the fantasy sports solutions.

Creative workshop with client

We began with active interactions with Mr Rajeev for a deeper understanding of his goals and his specific expectations. We learnt from each other’s areas of knowledge in the field and incorporated those feedback into the application.


Spartan League was focused on Indian and South East Asian users and since we have built several platforms for this demographic, we quickly created wireframes. We got the feedback soon enough to get us started quickly.

UI design

Following the design thinking methodology, our UI was focused on the expectations and needs of the users.

Front-end development

Our fantasy sports framework helped us to speed-up the development of Spartan League. We conducted a quality analysis for user experience along with working on various aspects of the fantasy sports website.


We gave our developers feedback of several Indian users who had tested the basic features of fantasy cricket and fantasy soccer games at a very early stage. This helped us correct anomalies.  


We soon launched the beta version so the client could prepare for the launch of the platform.

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