Refpredictor wins Nigerian users, wins Best Startup Award in gaming
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The Journey of a Social Gaming Platform

Dare Lawanson, a young entrepreneur from Nigeria envisioned to create a football prediction platform that would help user predict the upcoming match results. However, Lawanson wanted to launch the website ahead of FIFA world cup 2018. Our team readily took the challenge, since we had experience with Nigerian demographic ahead, in order to create a football prediction website . The fruits of our labour paid off when Refpredictor won the Best Startup Award in June 2018 in the region.

Dare Lawanson’s big question:

Can we launch this football prediction platform a month before FIFA 2018?

Our team was happy to receive extremely specific requirements from Mr. Lawanson and therefore was confident to meet the timeline. Though Mr. Lawanson had extremely specific and complicated logics for the prediction platform development, our team worked in perfect harmony with his team to make it happen.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • We need a team that would understand Nigerian football fans in a way so as to incorporate their areas of interest in the application.

  • We have created apps for Nigerian market before and so we are well-versed with user preferences.

  • We want to launch the app ahead of FIFA World Cup. It’s already too late but we have to launch it before the world cup.

  • We will work like your own team and keep our communication channels always open. We are sure we can collaborate together as per your needs.

  • We can do football prediction app development within that timeframe and help you get initial users.

  • The application needs to be designed with my set of logics and specifications.

User Stories

I want to try out my luck in predicting the outcomes of FIFA World cup games.

I want to compete with other users in predicting the outcomes of World Cup FIFA matches.

Is there a way to earn money on a prediction platform where I can use my knowledge of FIFA to predict matches?

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech aimed at creating a rewarding and exciting FIFA-focused football prediction platform that would encourage Nigerian audiences to join and play.


Market Research

We compared Nigerian demographics with traditional soccer demographics such as UK and Spain in order to compare interests. Then we studied the market for a football prediction platform in that region and validated the idea.

Engaging with users

Our user demographic profiles spanned across Nigeria as we interacted with users through several online surveys to see what they prefer in predictions. We compared these with our older user demographic surveys just to see the changes in the patterns of preferences.

Business assessment document

We then created an assessment document that we would use to refer and go back to whenever needed during the project cycle.

Creative workshop with client

We had several calls and video conferences with the client  in order to understand the various needs and requirements. Our teams interacted with him personally for better understanding.


Refpredictor was to be a prediction platform on FIFA World Cup. We had to keep the design simple yet appealing and easy to use. We presented a few fireframes that gave the client complete confidence in the app.

UI design

By now, our team was clear about the vision and the user demographic, so we set out to create designs. Our design process went on smoothly most of the time.

Front-end development

We conducted a thorough quality analysis for user experience along with working on various aspects of the prediction platform.


Our developers, as always, went back to user stories each time they felt stuck. They also interacted freely with the client through our project manager.


Soon the beta version was ready and our client felt we had met his expectations.

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