Premier Badminton League

Premier Badminton League introduces fantasy badminton in India
fantasy badminton website development for PBL by vinfotech

The Journey of Premier Badminton League

Puneet Malhotra, an entrepreneur from New Delhi, India had a daunting plan. He wanted to create a fantasy badminton platform in a cricket-loving nation. It did feel like an outrageous ambition but Puneet was determined to convert it into reality. He contacted Vinfotech that had created fantasy sports platforms in sports such as American football, soccer, baseball, hockey, cricket, golf and kabaddi. He also noticed that our company had the potential to create a fantasy league of out anything including fantasy games from stock market and reality TV shows. He chose us for our ability of creating engaging game plays and our deep understanding of fantasy sports players.

Puneet Malhotra’s big question:

How will fantasy badminton kick off?

By the time we had the final talk with Puneet, our team had done its research about badminton fans in India. We realized that fantasy sports players in general are always looking for something new and even fantasy cricket players would be open to playing fantasy badminton if the game plays were interesting. We kept fantasy games and prediction at the heart of the platform along with providing news and updates about various badminton leagues.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • I don’t want to create just a fantasy badminton platform but also a complete fan engagement platform.

  • We have created this combination in the past and we will have no problem creating one for you.

  • I want a team that understands fan loyalty for badminton not only fantasy sports.

  • We assure you that our team has that and more and can make it a very successful platform.

  • This website should not have only one-time users but should be able to build a regular fan base.

  • We will create specific engagement features to ensure that.

User Stories

I want to compete against other fantasy badminton players.

I want to share knowledge of my favourite players while playing with others.

I want to interact and play with other fans who follow the teams I do.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech created an offbeat but stunning fantasy badminton website that would engage all kinds of badminton fans and fantasy sports players.


Market research

We did a comprehensive research about the scope of fantasy badminton in the Indian market. We compared this research with our old notes.

Engaging with users

Our user demographic profiles spanned around Indian badminton fans, fantasy badminton players and fantasy sports players in general.

Business assessment document

A business assessment document was then created in order to refer and go back to whenever needed during the project cycle.

Creative workshop with client

We had several video calls with Puneet so we could keep him constantly in the loop about our plans and intentions with design and development of PBL.


PBL was to be an alternative fantasy badminton and fan engagement platform for all kinds of players. We had to keep the design fun yet easy to use with a slightly Indian touch. We presented a few wireframes that gave Puneet complete confidence in the project.

User interface design

Our team moved confidently towards design part of the PBL application at this stage.

Front-end development

We engaged in active front-end development working through how the designs would interact with badminton fans.


Our developers had user stories and old projects to refer to whenever they felt stuck. Our project manager ensured the team had easy access to Puneet in terms of interaction.


We confidently conducted the beta testing and eventually launched the fantasy badminton website.

How Vinfotech can help you with fantasy sports app development?

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