Pickdraft combines three major American leagues on a single platform
Pickdraft DFS website for NFL, NBA & MLB by vinfotech

The Journey of Pickdraft

Matt and Jeff Thomas are sports enthusiasts from USA. They are working professionals who wished to convert their passion for sports into an actual business. USA has a huge following for several sports including soccer, football and baseball. Matt and Jeff wanted to created a fantasy platform where American people could play all major sports online. They were happy to find a partner in Vinfotech because our team was equipped to handle this project confidently.

Matt and Jeff’s big question:

How will this fantasy sports platform survive in a plethora of options in the USA?

Our team showed them a number of American platforms that we had created for fantasy sports players and how all they not only survived but also thrived. This was to be a DFS platform for NBA, MLB and NFL - a combination that has often resulted into a thriving user base in the past.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • We want this platform for people to meet other fantasy sports players and compete against each other.

  • We will create an engaging platform for not only playing fantasy sports but also for encouraging healthy interaction among them.

  • We want a team that understands fantasy sports and the demographic hands-down.

  • We have pulled off more than 100 fantasy sports project successfully, hence our team comes with a deeper understanding of the user base.

  • We want to integrate three major American sports league on to the platform.

  • We can customize and include specific sports, leagues, free and paid games for this platform quite easily.

User Stories

I want to play fantasy sports where there’s a good chance of winning.

I want to play both NFL and MLB on one platform online.

I want a DFS-dedicated platform for playing all the major American leagues.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech aimed at creating an exciting, fun and easy-to-use fantasy sports platform where fantasy sports players would participate in free and paid daily fantasy games.


Market Research

We compared various sports-related communities to understand what new features we could include in the platform. We also had several reference researches from our past work, that propelled the project.

Engaging with users

Our user demographic profiles spanned across USA as we interacted with fantasy sports players and enthusiasts through several online surveys. However, since we had pulled off such projects in the past confidently, we used many of our old user profiles.

Business assessment document

We then created a business assessment document for the purpose of future reference so we could always be on track.

Creative workshop with client

We had several video conferences with Matt and Jeff so we could keep them constantly in the loop about our plans and intentions with design and development.


Pickdraft was to be an online fantasy sports platform. We had to keep the design fun yet easy to use since we were incorporating three major leagues. We presented a few fireframes that gave the client complete confidence in the web application.

UI design

By now, our team moved confidently towards design part of the fantasy sports website.

Front-end development

Our front-end development propelled faster because our team is fully experienced in such platforms.


Our developers had user stories and our old research to refer to whenever they felt stuck. Our project manager ensured that the team interacted actively with Matt and Jeff.


We confidently did the beta testing because both Matt and Jeff were satisfied with our work.

How Vinfotech can help you with fantasy sports app development?

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