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Thanks for that fix. And thank you again for the fast work throughout the project. It’s gone much more quickly than we expected. We had expected getting to the later stages of review toward the end of the summer, so we’re having to rearrange things a bit in order to complete things on our side properly.

Flip Pidot

The Journey of Nationball

Flip Pidot, who lives in New York, has been a candidate for US Congress elections. He is the CEO & co-founder of American Civics Exchange which is the first US-based commercial market for political futures. They offer businesses and investors an effective, reliable hedge against financial exposure to changes in public policy. Needless to say Flip decided to channelize his knowledge and interest in American politics through a fun web application. He hired Vinfotech to create a fantasy sports software that would have gameplays based on the actual Democratic and Republican party leaders.

Nationball founder Flip Pidot’s big question:

How can a political fantasy game app have the thrills of other fantasy sports apps?

Our challenge was not only to make the application thrilling enough but also to tickle the interest of people who knew politics but were new to fantasy games. Based on Flip’s instruction when we planned out the two gameplays, we hand-picked features and levels that would engage players permanently.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • It’s an offshore project, so I wonder if time and distance could be an issue.

  • Most of our clients are offshore and we do have an office near your timezone to ensure that all the communication is done quickly and clearly.

  • Can you really deliver the project fast so we could launch it as soon as possible?

  • Consider us as your extended team and we would make it our personal goal to deliver the project within the timeline.

  • Have you delivered any political fantasy sports projects before? Political fantasy may be very different from other fantasy sports.

  • We have a robust framework that allows us to plug and play and customize as per any gameplay in the world. We will make this app as thrilling and an enriching as you have imagined.

User Stories

There are not many fantasy game websites dedicated to American politics.

I want to play political fantasy game based on American politics, that too online.

I want to compete with my peers in a thrilling political fantasy application.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech aimed at creating a rewarding and exciting political fantasy sports platform for users. We leveraged from our six-year-long industry experience as we shortlisted the set of schemes needed for developing such a unique application that would keep the users returning.


Market Research

We researched the American market that was focused on products, services and applications dedicated to politics. Our planning phase involved gathering clients’ ideas, thoughts and motivations so we could bring his vision to fruition.

Engaging with users

Our user demographic profiles spanned across American millennials interested in playing games online based on politics. Our online surveys helped us decide what would be our most exciting features based on what users wanted.

Business assessment document

Once satisfied with our findings, we consolidated them and made a clear plan in a systematic document listing the steps of execution.

Creative workshop with client

We started with understanding Flip’s goals in the project and his expectations. Our team took inspiration from his knowledge of politics and his understanding of the gaming market.


Nationaball would have two kinds of gameplays only, yet we decided to give out 5-6 wireframes to the client to choose from.

UI design

Since our team had a deep insight of the user demographic, it became easy to implement design thinking. We got into the design process confidently as we incorporated elements from the users’ point of view.

Front-end development

We did quality analysis for user experience along with working on various aspects of the political fantasy application. We constantly kept Flip in the loop to get his thoughts as well.


Our developers were constantly referring to the feedback of some seasoned fantasy sports players and taking their opinion on the political fantasy gaming application.


We confidently launched the beta version as we knew we had shaped the app as per the clients’ expectations. We launched the website within the timeframe.

Leading Political Fantasy Website Design by Vinfotech

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