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“It is all looking great. The initial response from today’s Facebook live Q&A was great. We’ve had over 600 views during the session. I’ve received some very good comments till now, which is a good start, as we are slowly reaching full potential on the platform. A massive thanks to the entire team in the last two weeks to get us to the point we are currently at.”

Vicky Goyal, Director
Club Fantasy Square Pty. Ltd.

The Journey of MyClubTap Fantasy

Vicky Goyal, from Australia, is a Deakin Cricket Club player. He is passionate about Australia club cricket and dreamed of creating a platform for fantasy club cricket players. Being an active real-time and fantasy cricket player himself, Vicky approached Vinfotech with a lot of ideas. He challenged us with his deep knowledge of the game along with a great understanding of the fantasy sports market. Team Vinfotech was delighted to be an equally knowledgeable partner to Vicky.

Vicky Goyal’s big question:

How can we bridge the engagement gap between Australia club cricket and its fantasy sports players?

Team Vinfotech confidently approached the challenge because we knew we needed to channelise fan emotions for local cricket clubs. We understood Vicky’s vision of making the platform a way of sharing the emotions and passion about Australian club cricket. We offered a variety of interesting features and designs to make it look like a passionate fantasy cricket platform for Australians. MyClubTap Fantasy is now Australia's 1st integrated fantasy gaming platform for grass-root sporting clubs, hosting fantasy games for multiple clubs at the same time.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • Australian demographic is big on club cricket. I want my platform to be relatable to this audience yet stand out from the competition.

  • Being cricket fans ourselves, we know exactly what would appeal to this demographic. At the same time, our unique designs would ensure that MyClubTap Fantasy would have a personality of its own.

  • I want to launch this fantasy cricket platform as soon as possible in order to get more time to market.

  • We can deliver the project within the stipulated time period.

  • I want a platform that would be easy to sell.

  • We offered traditional daily fantasy sports website along with online market features to get more user engagement on the site and selling more partner’s product.

User Stories

I want to be able to create a killer cricket team that is more competitive than the actual club cricket teams.

I want to be able to predict the outcome of a cricket match.

I want a platform that offers prediction-based game plays on Australia club cricket.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech aimed at creating an exciting and relevant fantasy cricket platform for Australian users. Leveraging from our six-year-long industry experience, we carefully selected the set of schemes, designs and featured needed for developing an application that would allow users to devise, strategize, collaborate and reap rewards for their efforts.


Market Research

We built upon our decade-long understanding of fantasy cricket research that we have carried on year after year to understand the evolving cricket fans of Australia.

Engaging with users

We created user profiles from various groups of Australia club cricket fans and those who played cricket as a hobby. This helped us short-list the features that we were to incorporate in the platform.

Business assessment document

In consolidating our findings and accommodating the vision of the application, we created an internal document to see the various loyalty programmes, rewards schemes in the application.

Creative workshop with client

We began with active interactions with Vicky Goyal for a deeper understanding of his goals and his specific expectations. We were inspired by how passionate he was about Australia club cricket and for bringing a great fantasy cricket experience to fans.


MyClubTap Fantasy was focused on Australia club cricket so we quickly created wireframes that would easily give the client a quick visualization of the app. Our wireframes gave him the confidence that the web application would be one-of-a-kind yet no less competitive than its counterparts in Australia.

UI design

As always we kept in mind the two vital aspects of our design process. One, our UI had to look attractive yet easy to use and navigate in order to balance amateur, middle-level and expert players. Two, the platform had to evoke an old brand’s trust right from the first sight.

Front-end development

Our vFantasy framework - fantasy sports software helped us to speed-up the development at this stage. We did quality analysis for user experience along with working on various aspects of the fantasy cricket website.


We gave our developers feedback of some initial users who had tested the application at a very early stage. This helped us correct anomalies.


As we had to deliver the product quite quickly, we launched the beta version faster so the client could prepare for the launch of the platform sooner.

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