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The journey of MyFFPC re-design

My Fantasy Football Players Championship (MyFFPC) is one of the leading season-long fantasy websites in the USA since 2008. They have paid out over $30 Million in prizes since 2008 and their annual championship is considered world’s largest season-long contest. But the founders David Gerczak and Alex Kaganovsky felt like their current website needed to adapt to the changing needs of fantasy sports players.

MyFFPC founders' big question

Can we revamp our fantasy sports website to attract new users?

While attempting this challenge, Team Vinfotech knew the impact MyFFPC had on American fantasy players demographic. So we moved carefully yet very confidently into redesigning the website with the sole objective of engaging both existing as well as future players. We took a futuristic approach making it extremely simple to use so any kind of player would be tempted to play and stay along with charming seasoned fantasy sports players.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • The current UI is not satisfactory, we have a huge user base to serve.

  • We will create rich UI-focused designs and better HTML flexible with every browser.

  • We want our website to compete with its counterparts as per today’s UX fashion and trends.

  • We will leverage on our six-year long industry experience and make it better than others.

  • This is a season-long dynasty league website, we need our features to look unique and simple.

  • We will especially make the drafting of the team part unique along with revamping lobby and other pages.

  • We want our site to cater to new users and continuously engage them.

  • We will offer an application that would be modern and responsive.

User Stories

I want to excel in playing fantasy sports leagues on a platform where competition grows gradually.

I want to control everything while drafting games but want to compete with real fellow players.

I want to be able view stats by seasons or by players or see stats of either all players or available players by searching a specific player.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech applied its knowledge of American demographic creating user personas and came up with user-friendly designs to suit the season-long dynasty league website.





Market research

Our research focus was on American user’s personas, color preferences and the likes. We spent a good time in the planning phase where we gathered all of the client’s ideas, thoughts and motivations and arranged everything in a manner that solved the problem in hand and represented their vision completely.

Engaging with users

Our user demographic profiles spanned across the US states. We carried out a small online and offline survey of aspiring and existing fantasy sports players. Our questionnaire comprised points about their incomes, education, awareness about different leagues, their favourite national, local and global players. This helped us foresee the brand we were building.

Business assessment document

In consolidating our findings and accommodating the vision of the application, we detailed on aspects such as revenue models, payment gateways, easy transactional exchange among others.

Creative workshop with client

We started with understanding the clients and their expectations from the projects. It was amazing to see their in-depth involvement in the project.


MyFFPC had to become the most desired first fantasy sports website in the US, so we had to create relatable wireframes suitable for an aware audience. Our wireframes gave our clients the confidence that the web application would be a one-of-a-kind yet no less competitive than its counterparts in the US.

UI design

We worked on two crucial aspects when it came to design thinking. One, our UI had to look competitive yet easy to use in order to balance amateur and professional players. Two, the platform had to evoke an old brand’s trust right from the first sight.

Front-end development

Our experience in creating fantasy sports applications helped us do the client-side development quickly. We did quality analysis for user experience along with working on various aspects of the site. We also provided consultation on fantasy sports platforms.


Our developers also looped in a few fantasy sports volunteers along with taking constant inputs from the clients as the former engaged into the development of MyFFPC. We had to create a revenue mechanism along with an engaging drafting and season-long system .


Time, as always, was crucial for us and we had to test the beta version early so the client could launch the website sooner. We launched the beta first and the final immediately after taking some more feedback from potential users.

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