A social networking app aiming to connect artists with their fans

Whether you are an artist, a fan or a business, MVP Vibe is developed to bridge the gap between artists and the creative community.

The ultimate social networking app for the artists and their creative communities by Vinfotech

MVP Vibe is a beautiful, powerful and highly engaging social networking platform designed to help in the growth of the creative community.

On MVP Vibe, artists gain visibility and loyalty while earning compensation to support their craft, while fans gain access to independent talent of multiple mediums and genres. The platform is developed with distinguishing features like virtual busking which enables fans to leave tips for their favorite performances, virtual lounge for fans to share and download their favorite music, performance and poetry. MVP Vibe’s discovery page features new artists and each fan receives customized suggestions based on their preferences.

“I appointed Vinfotech to design and develop the web platform for me and I would say it was a wise decision. They have done a wonderful job and I would surely recommend them to my friends and colleagues.”

Miguel Quintana, Founder at Mindfulnets

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