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Season-long platform MB Fantasy has thrills of daily fantasy sports
US season-long fantasy football web design and development by Vinfotech

The Journey of MB fantasy

Charles Taylor, a lawyer from Georgia, United States is a seasoned fantasy football player for almost 24 years. He has seen it all – from types of drafts to differing gameplays to individual defensive players and the daily fantasy games. Taylor also had his eyes focused on the relationships that are built among the players while playing these games on a platform. So he decided to create a season-long fantasy platform with a game that utilizes the best features of the original NFL league and other leagues in the industry. That’s how Millionaire Bracket Fantasy Football League was conceived.

MB Fantasy Football League founders' big question:

How can we create a season-long football fantasy platform that would have the thrills of daily fantasy games?

As we set out to answer this question, we decided to create the standard salary-caps based line-ups. We acted upon his idea of developing a season-long fantasy football app that would provide multiple chances to win serious money so the players are always motivated to play more.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • I am looking for a totally new vision for a UK season-long fantasy football format where user will play in bracket league and even after losing will be moved to community league.
  • We would create a thrilling season-long fantasy football app in the UK salary cap format that would allow players several chances of winning and being in the game.

  • I want Helmet customization which is quite a challenge where every user can customize his/her helmet.

  • We already have a fantasy framework vFantasy in readiness so that we can customize as per these needs.

  • I also want my season-long fantasy football app to keep players informed about selection of players, help with the drafts and statistics.

  • A news and forum section would feature tips, news, podcasts and articles from experts.

  • MB Fantasy should also be focused about building good relationships among players. It should have a clear social interaction model.

  • We will blend the right kind of social media components bringing the fantasy football world together.

User Stories

I want to interact with my weekly opponent directly.

I want to set my lineup every week including my individual defensive players.

I want know about player stats, transfers and other news related to various football leagues.

What did we do?

Though it was the standard salary-cap season-long game as per UK format, we knew that we were ultimately addressing the American demographic. Mr Taylor’s deep knowledge of fantasy football combined with our seven-year-long industry experience helped us in selecting various features that would finally be part of MB Fantasy.


Market research

Since we have executed several season-long fantasy sports projects for the American demographic, our team was quite comfortable with the market and trends. We planned and collected the client’s ideas and thoughts ensuring that our blueprint was aimed at developing a thorough season-long platform that represented his vision completely.

Engaging with users

Our user demographic profiles focused on the US users. Our online surveys on these users helped us identify their needs better and understand their preferences in terms of public and private leagues, customizable commissioner leagues, gameplays etc.

Business assessment document

We consolidated our findings and accommodated the vision of the client in the application in a detailed document.

Creative workshop with client

We began with understanding Mr Taylor’s goals in the project and his various expectations. Since he is a fantasy football player himself, our team benefitted from his first-hand experience of playing fantasy football.


MB Fantasy was to be a salary caps-based season-long fantasy sports platform in the US, so we focused into creating wireframes that would easily give the client a quick visualization of the app. And sure enough, he approved them quickly.

UI design

Our UI and UX focused on the UK user preferences that we had collected during our user profile study. Our designs had a clear social aspect for encouraging users to interact actively.

Front-end development

Since we had our fantasy sports framework in readiness, we got into the front-end development very quickly. Constant quality checks analysis ensured the app was absolutely in sync with user preferences.


Our developers were constantly guided by the project managers who kept Mr Taylor in the loop so we could accelerate the process.


MB Fantasy Football League was ready to launch within a few weeks after testing in the beta version.

Fantasy football standard season-long web design and app development by Vinfotech

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