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Fantasy football players challenged on a fun season-long app
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I am very impressed with the quality, all my partners loved the designs. Also, communication has been good with everyone at Vinfotech, the team is doing a wonderful job.

Jorge Carlos

The Journey of Maximo Avance

Jorge Carlos, a resident of Mexico is a fantasy sports enthusiast and LFA league committee member. He conceived Máximo Avance Fantasy as a fantasy football alternative, addressed to fans who are looking to be more engaged in an exciting way with their favorite football teams from the LFA and NFL.

Maximo Avance founder's big question:

How can Maximo Avance become a successful fantasy football alternative?

Our project managers usually love season-long fantasy projects since it allows their team to play with features and data bases. So Carlos’ question further inspired them to create an application that would involve standard with H2H season-long games.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • I want this platform to become the engagement bridge between fans and their leagues by sharing the emotions and passion about fantasy football.

  • We would create traditional season-long site adding some exciting features to get more user engagement on the site.

  • I want the users to be able to create their leagues and integrate their teams with favourite players so they can become the best fantasy coach.

  • We would allow users to play against their friends along with adding exciting features like two-way and three-way trading to make the app more challenging.
  • This is a season-long website, I want the players to be constantly updated about which players to pick or drop along with other details.

  • We would add a news section that would feature TV shows, podcasts and articles from experts.

User Stories

I want to play NFL or LFA league on a platform where competition grows gradually.

I want to play against my friends on a website that also offers tips and suggestions about NFL/LFA players and games.

I want to be updated with player stats, transfers and other news related to various football leagues.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech aimed at creating a sticky and exciting fantasy sports platform for Mexican demographic. Leveraging from our seven-year-long industry experience, we carefully selected the various features that would finally be a part of this season-long fantasy platform.


Market research

We did a thorough market research on the Mexican demographic acquiring data about the industry and the available options. Our planning phase involved collecting client’s ideas and thoughts ensuring that our blueprint was aimed at solving problem in hand and represented the client’s vision completely.

Engaging with users

Our user demographic profiles focused on Mexico. Our surveys on these users helped us identify gaps in the market and understand preferences of users in terms of public and private leagues, customizable commissioner leagues etc.

Business assessment document

We consolidated our findings and accommodated the vision of the client in the application in a detailed document.

Creative workshop with client

We began with understanding Carlos’ goals in the project and his various expectations. Since he is an LFA committee member, our team learnt much about the games and how together we could engage a demographic that loves LFA.


Maximo Avance was to be a traditional season-long NFL and LFA platform in Mexico, so we focused into creating wireframes that would easily give the client a quick visualization of the app. And sure enough, Carlos approved them quickly so we could start work immediately.

UI design

Our UI and UX focused on the preferences that we had collected during our user profile study so we could make the app the way users would be most comfortable in using.

Front-end development

Our experience in creating fantasy sports applications helped us to execute the project faster. A thorough quality analysis ensured the app was absolutely in sync with user preferences.


Our developers were given the feedback of some seasoned fantasy sports players along with a constant feedback from the client as the former engaged into the development of Maximo Avance.


We didn’t take much time in testing the beta version while the final was launched immediately after taking some more feedback from potential users.

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