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The journey of Khiladi11

With the objective of branding fantasy cricket in India as a game of skill, Amit Wadhwani decided to launch a platform for the Indian cricket enthusiasts. He is a cricket enthusiast and a fantasy sports fanatic who wished to create a digital platform for cricket lovers. He observed that the Indian masses- be it rural or urban - had expert knowledge and understanding of cricket.

Founder’s big question:

How can I build a one-of-a-kind fantasy cricket platform?

Our team is an expert in creating revenue-focused entertainment fantasy platforms. Our expertise is based on our fantasy sports framework that would allow us to include all the latest features and customize them as per needs. We have executed 50+ fantasy sports platforms (some of the best ones in the world).

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • We want a robust platform that is a combination of good design appealing enough for Indians with the functionality to compete with the best fantasy platforms in the world.

  • We have a strong framework – vFantasy™ - that would allow us to plug and play apart from making it a technically sound and a unique platform.

  • We are not aware about the legality of fantasy sports in India and would like you to take care of that.
  • We know about the compliances and regulations here and would constantly guide you.

User Stories

I want to participate in various cricket-focused fantasy matches.

I want to be able to switch and trade players easily while drafting my cricket team line-up.

I want to invite my friends to play fantasy cricket with me and can chat with them while drafting the line-ups.

What did we do?

We wanted to create a dynamic cricket fantasy platform that would not just be technically sound, but would also reflect the Indian fans' affection for cricket. For this, we devised a strategy that would include an appealing UI/UX design and then planned to customize the functionalities as per the needs of the client.


Market research

We tracked the patterns in cricket over the past decade and tried to understand the changing preferences of Indian cricket fans over the years.

Engaging with users

We created user profiles from a big group of cricket fans and those who played cricket as a hobby. This helped us short-list the features that we should incorporate in the platform.

Business assessment document

We created an internal document for putting all the findings at a single place in order to make a complete analysis as to how we can generate more revenues from the project and benefit the client.

Creative workshop with client

In order to deliver a dynamic fantasy application, we started to have in-depth interactions with Mr. Wadhwani and understood his specific expectations for the design and functionality of the project. We wanted to understand how he wanted to execute the project.


We quickly created a few wireframes since we had to launch the platform as quickly as possible. This gave Mr Wadhwani the confidence that the web application would stand out nonetheless.

UI design

The design of the project had to be created keeping in mind the Indian target audience. The designs had to look extremely relatable to the die-hard cricket fans.

Front-end development

Our experience in creating fantasy sports applications helped us to speed-up the development at this stage. We did quality analysis for user experience along with working on various aspects of the fantasy cricket website.


After receiving the feedback from a few users, we again modified and rectified the application functionality and created one-of- a-kind fantasy sports application for Indian audiences.


In order to deliver the project on time, we launched the beta version and gave enough time to the client to launch the application in market.

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