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The Journey of Grinta

Grinta is possibly the first and definitely one of the few season-long fantasy football websites offering Egyptian and Saudi Leagues along with English Premier and UEFA leagues. Founders Imran Hasan and Nadine Samara felt like if there’s a considerable fan following of English and UEFA Champions league in Middle East, there must be fans of Egyptian and Saudi leagues in other parts of the world. They decided to build a single fantasy football platform that would offer games based on all the four leagues.

Grinta founders' big question:

Can a single season-long fantasy football platform unite players worldwide?

Our team was excited to execute this ambition as we were confident that users would be thrilled to find the four leagues on one platform along with season-long options. Founders’ vision further inspired us to create an application that would not only provide amazing features of playing and competing but also keep them updated with latest news and events related to the respective leagues.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • We want to bring together fans around the world who would love to play any league they want on a single fantasy sports platform.

  • We will build a multi-lingual fantasy football platform that would allow users to join multiple leagues in a season-long format.

  • We would like to have some features that would make this platform stand out.

  • You may choose to have any one or all of the three season-long verticals – standard, dynasty or keeper leagues. We can customize private leagues, add auto-substitution, weekly ranking system etc to make it a unique offering.

  • We need to launch the application with a massive marketing campaign and on all three platforms at the same time (Website, iOS and Android).

  • We would build it on our framework vFantasy that would allow us to develop the app quickly for the launch.

User Stories

I want try out Egyptian and Saudi leagues on a fantasy platform but I also want to play English Premier League.

I want to compete with other users with deep knowledge of Egyptian, Saudi or Champions leagues, so I want options that would enable this kind of competition.

I want to join or leave a league with classic scoring at any point during the season.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech aimed at creating a rewarding and exciting season-long fantasy sports platform for users around the world. We leveraged from our six-year-long industry experience as we shortlisted the set of schemes needed for developing a season-long application that would keep the users returning.


Market research

We researched the Asian demographic first understanding their preferences. Then we got on to studying European users to compare. Our planning phase involved gathering clients’ ideas, thoughts and motivations so we could bring their vision to fruition.

Engaging with users

Our user demographic profiles spanned across Asia and a few European countries. Our online surveys helped us decide what would be our most exciting features based on what users wanted.

Business assessment document

We consolidated the findings and made a clear plan in a systematic document listing the steps of execution.

Creative workshop with client

We started with understanding the clients’ goals in the project and their expectations. Our team took inspiration from their way of working and their passion towards creating a worldwide season-long fantasy platform.


Grinta was combining four football leagues so we focused into creating wireframes that would give the client complete confidence in the app.

UI design

Since our team had a deep insight of the user demographic, it became easy to implement design thinking. We got into the design process confidently as we incorporated elements from the users’ point of view.

Front-end development

We did quality analysis for user experience along with working on various aspects of the season-long fantasy application. We constantly kept clients in the loop to get their thoughts as well.


Our team constantly monitored the performance and kept improving features.


We confidently launched the application as we knew we had shaped the app as per the clients’ expectations. We launched the website and iOS and Android apps so the clients could launch their marketing campaign.

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